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6 Best Bitcoin Freelancing Services in 2023 (Ranked By Readers!)

Now that the internet connects remote workers with even more prospective employers with just a click of a button, it’s never been a better time to get your foot in the door. Bitcoin job boards and freelancing platforms allow anyone to easily find gigs, and to connect with other like minded people looking to either hire or work for you.

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    Latium is a freelancing platform and the first of its kind, that has gigs backed by LATX tokens. This means it’s a very unique concept where freelancers of the Latium platform can earn LATX tokens, Bitcoin Ethereum, and a variety of other cryptocurrencies for completing gigs.

    Cryptogrind is another cryptocurrency freelance platform where users can earn Bitcoins. The platform is extremely suitable for those searching for jobs, as the website allows those looking to hire workers to post work orders in different categories using keyword tags.

    Coinality is an active job board for digital currency. Users on the platform can post jobs, and resumes, and connect with other people in order to find work.

    FreelanceForCoins is a platform where work is paid in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. The platform has no escrow meaning you pay directly to people’s wallets that you want to hire with, and so no additional fees occur.

    BitGigs is another popular freelance platform for cryptocurrency users. The platform has multiple categories including video, graphics, programming, technology, advertising, and more.

    Bitcoiner Jobs helps connect Bitcoin job seekers with Bitcoin-only companies around the world. If you are a job seeker, you can browse jobs from the best companies in the industry. And as an employer, you can reach job seekers and fill up positions.

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