20 Best Crypto Exchange Data And Statistics Websites in 2020 (Ranked By Readers!)

Cryptocurrencies trade around the clock, and there are hundreds of exchanges and thousands of trading pairs. Therefore it can be extremely difficult to keep track of various statistics regarding these volatile markets.

Crypto exchange data rates are a set of tools that provide real-time data that makes it easy to observe and engage in the whole range of markets and statistics.

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    Coindataflow is another cryptocurrency market capitalization website. The platform offers all the major cryptocurrencies with statistics. On the website, you can also find separate information such as total market cap, total volume, and BTC dominance charts.

    Woobul Charts is a set of different highly advanced cryptocurrency charts with multiple categories designed for investors and traders. The platform combines plenty of different charts with multiple different categories, including signaling, investment-related, monetary properties, and network properties.

    Glassnode Studio is an advanced on-chain market analytics platform. Where users can find highly detailed charts of everything regarding Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some of the statistics include address activity, address balances, entity balances, coin days destroyed, and much more.

    Messari is a highly advanced cryptocurrency research platform that provides various tools such as charts, and screeners. Users can compare cryptocurrency assets based on different categories, find key information, and much more.

    Kaiko - Best Crypto Services

    Kaiko #1 leader of the industry in providing institutional-grade cryptocurrency market data. This platform provides over 10,000+ cryptocurrency pairs trading across 50+ exchanges including the market leaders such as Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Okex, Kraken, Poloniex, and more.

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    CoinMarketCap is the original old-school and still the most popular cryptocurrency market cap statistics website. CoinMarketCap allows you to search and look at thousands of different cryptocurrencies. The platform was recently bought by Binance and has then changed quite a lot offering loads of more services then it did before.

    CryptoCompare is another cryptocurrency market capitalization statistic website. The platform offers loads of guides and information regarding cryptocurrencies. The platform got popular by its first mover portfolio management services.

    Coin360 is the most well-known cryptocurrency heat map available today. The platform shows the majority of coins separated into different categories based on their algorithm. On top of coins, you can also search for exchanges, and tokens all ranked with nice visualized heatmaps.

    CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency market statistic capitalization website. The platform has been recently quickly growing in popularity due to recent changes in Coinmarketcap. And the platform offers one of the largest and most extensive databases of cryptocurrencies available today.

    BitInfoCharts is one of the original high detail cryptocurrency statistic websites. The platform offers a very unique approach that compares some of the largest cryptocurrencies. And some of the stats you can quickly find include: transactions sent last 24h, transaction value sent last 24h, block times, block counts, and many more.

    USDSAT is a simple statistic website that shows how many satoshis one dollar can buy, or simply satoshi per dollar.

    BitcoinPriceMap is a simple exchange statistic website showing Bitcoin price differences around the world.

    FiatMarketCap compares traditional fiat currencies and their market capitalization based in BTC.

    Skew is an advanced cryptocurrency exchanges data analytics platform, that offers various data charts for the leading crypto exchanges. Some of the charts include BTC futures volume comparison, price comparisons, and open interest charts.

    Bitcoincharts is an old school Bitcoin exchange data analytics website, that allows quick outlook of various cryptocurrency exchanges, and how they are performing compared to different fiat currencies.

    Coinanalyze is another exchange data analytics platform that provides both individual and global charts, with capabilities to do technical analysis as well.

    Coinlib is a cryptocurrency exchange data and statistic application to quickly view coins, exchanges, news, and other important information. The platform can also be used to track your portfolio, set alerts, vote on coins, and more.

    Trading Room is a technical analysis platform where you can get a quick view of every coin on Binance, and their trends from 5 minutes to up to 1 day in a simple one screen page.

    CryptoMeter is an exchange data statistic website offering various metrics of the top-ranking exchanges. You can find everything from rabit movers, to open interest, liquidations, to trends, and more.

    Decoboard is a one page website providing orderbooks, and statistics of the three high volume exchanges, Bitflyer, Bitmex, and Bitfinex.

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