Cryptocurrency Lifestyle Resources

Welcome to my Cryptocurrency Lifestyle Resources section.

This is a collection of my most recommended services, products, and companies that I use and/or know are extremely valuable. This way you can quickly find great tools to manage and grow your Bitcoins all in one place.

Note that if I come across new amazing resources that I find better then the previously mentioned or are helping me manage my cryptocurrencies, I might change this list without notice. Be sure to check this page often to see the latest changes.

All the tools on this list are verified by me personally, and I strongly recommend them to others.

Full disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, which means I may earn commissions if you sign-up through some of the links below.

Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin wallets let you store, transact and participate in the decentralized crypto economy.

Electrum - Cryptocurrency Lifestyle Resources


My #1 Bitcoin wallet of choice when it comes to storing my Bitcoin. This should be the ultimate Bitcoin wallet choice for every true crypto enthusiast, as it can manage everything from multisign wallets to completely offline transactions.

Wasabi - Cryptocurrency Lifestyle Resources


My #1 choice for anonymizing my Bitcoins. Wasabi Wallet is the original CoinJoin Bitcoin wallet mixer and should be the go-to wallet for anyone who cares for security and takes their privacy seriously.

Samourai - Cryptocurrency Lifestyle Resources


My #1 Bitcoin mobile wallet choice, Samourai is the only true cypherpunk wallet that exists today for smartphones, it is designed from the group up to be as convenient as possible yet to also provide the necessary tools for privacy and security.

Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges lets you purchace Bitcoins, and trade a variety of different markets.

Bybit - Cryptocurrency Lifestyle Resources


My all-time favorite #1 Bitcoin trading exchange, Bybit is one of the fastest-growing exchanges in the industry. And no wonder as it offers the ability to trade both BTC and USDT perpetual contracts. You can hold BTC as you long the market, or either hedge with USDT by having two simultaneous opposite orders at the same time. On top of that Bybit requires no KYC and is easily one of the fastest trading engines on the whole industry.



My #1 choice for trading traditional markets like Gold, Silver, Oil, and many others with cryptocurrencies. SimpleFX is an old school player that has always worked in respectable manners, it requires no KYC, and offers super-tight spreads for global markets. And not only that you can also use a variety of other cryptos for trading anonymously as well, such as Monero.



My #1 choice for cashing out high sums of Bitcoin. If I ever choose to cash out Bitcoins, I choose to use old school companies that have seen it all and have stood through the tests of time, Coinmotion is the daughter of Prasos Ltd, one of the oldest Bitcoin companies in Scandinavia.



My #1 altcoin trading exchange. Obviously, this list wouldn’t be complete without the all-mighty Binance. This is the exchange of choice when I want to purchase or trade altcoins, whether it’s futures trading, or simply by using Margin, this is the exchange I will go with most likely.



My #1 choice for peer to peer trading. AgoraDesk has the highest standards for exchanging Bitcoins with other people directly. You can trade Bitcoin anonymously with people all around the world, and with a variety of methods, such as cash by mail.

Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms with advanced trading terminals are a great addition for experienced traders.

3Commas - Cryptocurrency Lifestyle Resources


My #1 cryptocurrency trading platform. 3Commas does everything you can dream of and even more. You can connect it to over 20+ exchanges, using API keys, manage all your portfolios from one place. And access the most advanced SmartTrading terminal, and automated dollar-cost averaging bots, and a variety of other tools, such as trailing stop and take profit orders.


For those who are seriously into trading a large variety of different altcoins such as low caps and having access to advanced TradingView charts on pairs not available on the actual TradingView website. Coinigy is the must-have platform for you, as it supports over 45+ exchanges and allows charting and portfolio management, stop-loss, and take profit orders, with unlimited alarms.

Charting Software

Nothing beats a proper use of technical analysis, and then watching as the painting becomes dry.

TradingView - Cryptocurrency Lifestyle Resources


My #1 cryptocurrency charting platform choice for technical analysis. TradingView is the most cutting edge charting service in the industry. You can use it on any device, and platform, and have access to more tools then you know what to do with them. And it comes with an inbuild pine script editor, that lets you create an unlimited amount of unique indicators and strategies. Whether you are looking for, advanced technical analysis, price charts for any markets, TradingView has the tools and data you need.

Bitcoin Debit Cards

Bitcoin debit cards are one of the fastest and easiest ways to quickly access cash when needed.

Advanced Cash - Cryptocurrency Lifestyle Resources


My #1 Bitcoin debit card choice of all time. Advanced Cash is what the name indicates, it is by far the most advanced Bitcoin debit card available today. The company is an old standing one and offers reliable super-fast and easy to use services for both individuals and businesses of all sizes. The cards can be ordered worldwide and on multiple different currencies.



Skrill doesn’t just compete in the Bitcoin debit card scene, but it is actually an old school payment platform that is popular in the e-commerce world and with a focus on transactions of all kinds. In this platform, you can both purchase and sell cryptocurrencies, transfer them on your card and use wherever you choose both online and offline.


I do not support the use of Google, and therefore I highly recommend at least getting rid of your Gmail accounts.



My #1 choice for encrypted email services. Tutanota is an open-source privacy advocating company from Germany focused on protecting human rights, and secure use of emails. Tutanota offers totally free encrypted emails, however, if you want multiple accounts, or to use it for businesses, you are required to pay a monthly subscription.



ProtonMail is a widely used and recognized company from Switzerland providing both encrypted emails and VPN services. The platform lets users have a free encrypted email and PN accounts with limited features, and if you require more features and benefits, a monthly subscription is required.


A proper use of VPN protects your privacy and secures your Bitcoins against hackers.

AirVPN - Cryptocurrency Lifestyle Resources


My #1 VPN choice for protecting my privacy and security. AirPVN is based on OpenVPN and is operated by activists and hacktivists with a focus on protecting net neutrality, privacy, and censorship resistance internet.



SurfShark is easy to use a low-cost VPN service provider for a larger majority of people. The platform provider feature-rich set up, with very affordable prices of just $1.99 a month, or just over $47 for 24 months.

Hosting / Domain

You wouldn’t be able to read this website without hosting, and therefore I can’t help but to recommend one.

Namecheap - Cryptocurrency Lifestyle Resources


My #1 choice for hosting over anything else is definitely Namecheap. Because back in the day, when Bitcoin was still weird nerd money, Namecheap was one of the first companies announcing the use of Bitcoin. At that time they were heavily judged for their choices, as people were still living their heads in the clouds. And not only that BitShills has actually been proudly using their services for years!