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Bitcoin Trading Exchanges

Margin trading exchanges allow you to leverage the size of your trading account.

My all-time favorite #1 Bitcoin trading exchange, Bybit is one of the fastest-growing exchanges in the industry. And no wonder as it offers the ability to trade both BTC and USDT perpetual contracts. You can hold BTC as you long the market, or either hedge with USDT by having two simultaneous opposite orders at the same time. On top of that Bybit requires no KYC, offers unlimited withdrawals, and has easily one of the fastest trading engines in the whole industry making it the perfect solution for Bitcoin trading.

Evolve Markets is my #1 go-to choice when it comes to trading traditional markets with Bitcoin, and USDT. This brokerage offers everything from advanced MT5 clients, to TradingView charts, No KYC accounts, and low 0.075% fees. You can short SP500, long SILVER & GOLD, play Fiat currencies, and with up to massive 1000x leverage.

Prime XBT is another great choice for trading traditional markets with Bitcoin. This exchange has everything one could ask for, including anonymous No KYC Bitcoin-based accounts, and low 0.05% fees. You can get access to Cryptocurrencies, Stock Indices, Commodities, and Forex markets within minutes. And with the new Covesting copy trading feature you copy other professional traders with a click of a button.

SimpleFX is an old school player that has always worked in respectable manners, it requires no KYC, and offers super-tight spreads for global markets. And not only that, it’s one of the few exchanges where you can also use privacy coins for trading anonymously as well, such as Monero.

Altcoin Trading Exchanges

Altcoin trading exchanges lets you purchace various different cryptocurrencies.

My #1 altcoin trading exchange. Obviously, this list wouldn’t be complete without the all-mighty Binance. This is the exchange of choice when I want to purchase or trade altcoins, whether it’s futures trading, or simply by using margin. This is the exchange I will go with most likely as it requires no KYC documents and has the most coins with the highest amounts of volume available today.

My #2 favorite altcoin trading exchange. KuCoin is like a brother to Binance, it’s a respectable No KYC, high volume altcoin trading exchange with almost all of the same features as Binance. This is a perfect second choice for altcoin spot trading, and for those who do not care to give away their precious identity documents.

Fiat to Crypto Exchanges

Crypto exchanges that have primarily focused on dealing with fiat currencies.

Kraken is the #1 choice I recommend for US customers to use. Whether it’s to purchase or cash out Bitcoins, this platform has it all, and even allows both margin and futures trading with up to 50x leverage. Kraken also has multiple other unique features, such as their own institution specialized OTC desk, No KYC accounts, and more.

My #1 choice for cashing out high sums of Bitcoin. If I ever choose to cash out Bitcoins, I choose to use old school companies that have seen it all and have stood through the tests of time, Coinmotion is the daughter of Prasos Ltd, one of the oldest Bitcoin companies in Scandinavia.

My #1 choice for peer to peer trading. AgoraDesk has the highest standards for exchanging Bitcoins with other people directly. You can trade Bitcoin anonymously with people all around the world, and with a variety of methods, such as cash by mail.