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How The Author Got Started.

It all started in 2008 after the financial crisis as millions of people had just lost their job, that is when I started noticing something is not quite right in this world. It took another year for Satoshi to create Bitcoin to change the world as we know it. And well I was still living in my parent’s place not even having 20 euros in my pocket. Yet somehow I had gained enough knowledge to understand how meaningful decentralized programmable money could be and so as I heard of this magical internet money, I wanted to purchase some right away. I told my parents to loan me 20 euros to do this, and as they refused I also ended up forgetting it. Bitcoin was at the time trading around one cent.

A few years went through as I was studying in business college I heard of Bitcoin again this time it was trading around 100$, Instantly I knew what I thought back then was right and that I needed to purchase some as fast as possible. I ended up buying some around 200$ before the rise to 1000$, and then later in 2014-2015 as the price went below 200$ I bought some more.

I never thought of bitcoin as just a fast money-making scheme, because my initial thought about why I knew it would be a successful invention was the fact it was actually the first decentralized programmable money that had the potential to transform every industry the human had ever known.

This is where I started to learn how to create wealth through cryptocurrencies. I started by researching, working and eventually thriving in the cryptocurrency space. Had I bought Bitcoin at first glance took a quite bite off me, and it forced me to start thinking how to prosper in this market myself.

It didn’t take too long for this technology to truly change my whole life and I haven’t looked back ever since. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies became my full-time work, life, and passion, I love the idea of free markets and that is why to this day am passionately working towards widespread adoption and decentralization.

Why BitShills?

Bitcoin and blockchain technology are a lot more than just about sending money, more importantly, it’s a revolution that aims to free people from the shackles of centralization such as banks and governments. These institutions are the primary enablers of all wars, pain, poverty, and chaos. Cryptocurrencies offer a non-violent revolution that is enabling peer to peer trustless transactions within peer to peer economies, driven by the decentralized networks.

BitShills is dedicated to promoting cryptocurrency awareness because we want to ensure that the decentralized crypto Revolution will be widespread and adopted. By buying and keeping cryptocurrencies you are betting on the success of this silent revolution. Every dollar you put into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is outside of the old corrupt financial system, and therefore it takes the power away from them. This is the true reason why governments hate cryptocurrencies, it’s not because these are used for crimes, but because they empower and have the ability to free people from the centuries-old slavery that we all were brought into.

This is why BitShills got started. We want to be part of those, who help by providing high-quality knowledge and resources for beginners and advanced users. And with the main goal to bridge the gap between the general population and the blockchain technology.

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