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Submissions Policy

Interested to Submit Content For BitShills?

Are you a Bitcoiner, business owner, writer, or trader with something unique that you’d love to share with other readers?

We now accept guest post articles from creators who produce content relevant to our readers.

What Kind of Content Are We Looking For?

We strive to offer the best cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, and services for all Bitcoiners out there. Please visit and explore what we have to offer so far.

You can also get in touch with us by email at for verification of your content.

Submitting Wallets, Exchanges, and Services

If you want to get your wallet, exchange, or services listed on our website. You can simply shoot us an email, and we will see if the project meets our standards. And if chosen, you will get notified by email.

Please note that the more information you provide to us, the easier the listing process will be for us. Additionally, you can also provide information about affiliate programs, discounts, and other promotional material that we can use.

Here Is What A Submitted Post Needs

Each post needs a great title headline. Some of our favorite and most popular posts answer questions or are sharable content.

We will not accept any content which has been published elsewhere or has been plagiarized. 

The content must provide valuable information. Articles found on our website answer the most basic and complex questions regarding cryptocurrencies, and therefore we want to make sure it’s the best content found anywhere on the web.

A word count between: 1500 – 2500 In rare cases, shorter/longer posts may be allowed.

All submissions should be created by the person submitting them. BitShills will not be held liable if you are copyright infringing. 

Please note that we will try to limit edits to your post as much as possible. And you may be asked to edit it yourself before we make our own changes. But, we do reserve the right to make changes that will fit the tone or narrative flow of your post to suit our blog. We also reserve the right to edit, delete and add our own affiliate links.

Submitting Your Post 

You must agree to our Submission Agreement as part of the submission process. 

Please understand that not all submissions can be published. We expect to receive more submissions than we are able to use. Additionally, we might reject submissions that don’t meet our guidelines or we otherwise feel are not a good fit with our blog.

You are aware that all submitted posts must be reviewed and approved by us prior to publication.

You agree to link back to your article from a post or page in your website or from any given social media platform.

Submission Agreement

All submissions will be the sole property of BitShills. The Author is independent of BitShills. BitShills has the right to edit and delete portions of submitted posts as it determines in its sole discretion without any approval by the author.

Please email all submissions to If your post is accepted you will be notified as to when it will be published.

Should your article not be accepted you may or may not be notified with a reason. Note that if you follow the guidelines above and stay within the topic suggestions you have a much better chance to be chosen!

Thank you for wanting to promote cryptocurrency awareness with BitShills!