100+ Best Crypto Exchanges For Trading, Buying & Selling in 2022

Whether you are Trading, Buying or Selling. Here you can Learn Which are the best crypto exchanges for each categories in 2022.

This is a curated list of over 100+ best crypto exchanges in the blockchain industry. These exchanges all come in different sizes and do land in different categories. To be part of this list, exchanges must go through rigorous monitoring and are verified separately.

Essentially there are 7 main types of exchange categories that you can find from this list.

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For those looking US-friendly exchanges, Non-KYC crypto exchanges, or Zero-Fee crypto trading exchanges, check out our separate curated lists as we've put all of our information on these articles:

Note that for beginners the quickest and easiest way to acquire bitcoin is to simply buy some. Careful though, you don't wanna leave your coins in the exchange. Always store your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on a local computer or hardware device.

When you don't own the private keys, you don't own the Bitcoins.

Spot & Margin Trading Exchanges

Margin trading allows traders to borrow either Bitcoin or Dollars at an interest rate to increase the size of their trading account. Although this activity can be highly risky, it is by far the quickest way to make huge returns in trading.

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Traditional Market Exchanges

There are many international trading brokerage exchanges that accept Bitcoin and offer the ability to trade forex and CFDs on a wide array of financial assets across the global markets.

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Altcoin Trading Exchanges

Altcoin trading can be one of the most profitable concepts in cryptocurrency, there are thousands of different projects to choose from, and quite a few exchanges as well.

In order to have access to as many coins as possible and with great arbitrage opportunities we actually suggest registering on multiple popular exchanges below.

Many of these exchanges can be used to purchase your first Bitcoins as well.

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Fiat to Crypto Exchanges

Although many of the exchanges from the above categories can also be used for purchasing your first Bitcoins.

These are some of the best exchanges that have primarily focused on dealing with fiat, and therefore perform better when buying your first Bitcoins or selling your coins for cash.

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Instant Swap Exchanges

Instant Swap stands for crypto exchanges that allow customers to instantly swap Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in such a way no human interaction is needed.

These services often do not require account creation, and they have a large variety of coins to choose from. Alternatively, they may also allow instant purchases of various cryptos.

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Peer to Peer Exchanges

Peer to Peer stands for exchanges that do not hold user's funds but rather operate a business model that simply connects buyers and sellers to trade with each other.

The way this is often done is by using multi-signature addresses between buyers and sellers, and then funds get released once both parties have confirmed the transaction.

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Decentralized Exchanges

Unlike centralized exchanges, decentralized crypto exchanges give power back to people and operate only through open-source software.

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