30 Best Crypto Exchanges Without KYC Verification in 2020!

Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

This is a curated list of over 25+ best Non-KYC crypto exchanges in the blockchain industry. No Exchanges listed here require customers to do KYC verification. Meaning these exchanges can be used anonymously without needing ID:s.

KYC stands for Know Your Customer which is a procedure where exchanges are required to identify clients by doing verification on documents such as home addresses, phone numbers, Passport, ID or driver’s licenses, and so on. This often also means that you are not able to buy or sell cryptocurrencies before giving out all of your valuable information.

Nowadays there are loads of crypto exchanges asking you to provide all these important documents during the signup, deposit, or withdrawal process. And of course, none of us likes to deal with these things. And that is why we have created a complete list of Non-KYC crypto exchanges that we have confirmed do not require KYC / AML on you.

Here are the best Know Your Customer / Anti Money Laundering – Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges that you can use today without ID verification in 2020.

Spot/Margin Trading Exchanges


Bitmex - Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

BitMEX is a Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange and derivative trading platform. It is operated and owned by HDR Global Trading Limited, which is registered in Seychelles. Bitmex has overwhelmingly the largest volume from all platforms in the industry, they have never been hacked and they are arguably the best bitcoin exchange for advanced day trading because of the high liquidity they provide.

Start trading on Bitmex and get a 10% fee discount for the next 6 months!


Bybit - Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

Bybit is one of the newest advanced leverage trading exchanges in the market. This exchange has quickly grown to the top with its volume, execution speed and interface. Bybit has four main perceptual swaps to choose from BTC, ETH, EOS, and XRP. On top of everything, Bybit has one of the most generous welcome trading bonus programs, giving new users up to 60$ to begin trading with.

Explore what Bybit is about, Claim your 60$ bonus!


Deribit - Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

Deribit was the first European Bitcoin derivatives trading platform, it is the first and largest Options Exchange. This platform operates from Amsterdam and offers blazing fast transactions, strong volumes, and advanced perpetual swaps for both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Join Deribit and Get a 10% discount on fees for life!



AXX is a crypto trading exchange with spot, futures, and OTC markets. The matching engine for AXX is based on LSEG Technology’s which is the same as first-tier markets, such as the London Stock Exchange.


PrimeBit is a cryptocurrency exchange and perpetual swap contracts trading platform with some of the highest margins you can trade. The exchange requires no KYC documents and offers some of the highest margins to trade Bitcoin with up to 200x.

Get 10% trading fee discount on PrimeBit!


Bitfinex - Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

Bitfinex is another once one of the world’s top-performing exchange. Bitfinex has been around for years and has faced a lot of questionable accidents on their way, from one of the biggest hacks to tether printing and so on. However, this exchange is still standing offering strong volumes making it still one of the great platforms both for margin and spot trading.


BitForex is one of the large global crypto exchanges providing seamless spot, perpetual, and social trading opportunities. The exchange has over 300 trading pairs, supports over 180+ countries, and with 100x leverage it can offer maximum profit opportunities.


Phemex - Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

Phemex is a fresh global cryptocurrency derivative exchange offering Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and EOS perpetual contracts, with up to 100x leverage.

Claim your Phemex Welcome bonus, of up to $72!


Coinex provides a global derivative trading engine and offers a large variety of coins you can trade using margin, the platform also has up to 4 different coins with perceptual swaps, this includes BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC. Coinex provides an intuitive easy to use platform and non-KYC standard.



BTSE is a fresh crypto margin exchange based in the United Arab Emirates. The platform has a variety of spot and futures markets with up to 100x leverage. Traders can also settle profits on any fiat assets of their choice and with SWIFT transfers and unlimited withdrawing limits, the platform is quite unique. On top of this BTSE offers to double your first futures deposit of up to $100 giving you $100 for free.

Get a 20% trading fee discount on BTSE, and claim your $100!


DueDEX - Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

DueDEX is a new, unique and fresh derivative trading platform. Whether you are a new or experienced trader, DueDEX team has done a lot of things right for you. They offer seamless and easy-going no KYC experience with 24/7 customer services. On top of this, they also have a generous trading program offering new traders up to 60$ for free to begin trading with.

Become DueDEX trader, claim your 60$ bonus!


BaseFEX - Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

BaseFEX is a new crypto derivatives exchange that promises to stand for original cryptocurrency values. The exchange does not ask for KYC documents, has up to 100x leverage, and offers both BTC and stable coin settlements in order to let users mitigate risks. All in all, BaseFEX seems a very promising platform going forward.

Start trading on BaseFEX and get a 10% discount on trading fees.

Traditional Market Exchanges


Simplefx - Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

SimpleFX is a trading platform, providing fast advanced technology, great spreads, and transparent conditions. It is one of the most powerful platforms offering CFD crypto and forex trading tools. This platform is highly competitive when it comes to trading traditional markets using Bitcoin.


Prime XBT - Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

PrimeXBT is one of the newest trading platforms at this moment yet it’s by far the most advanced as well. This platform offers pretty much everything you could ask for, from Bitcoin-based accounts to 30+ assets to choose from, including traditional markets as well. The account creation is completely anonymous and with 100x leverage, the possibilities to maximize your gains are quite literally endless.


EvolveMarkets is still a little known Bitcoin focused broker that gives access to the global markets with institutional-like infrastructure, great liquidity, and most importantly freedom of cryptocurrencies. The platform supports both MT4, and MT5 platforms, and browser-based access with MT5 Webtrader. On top of that the platform doesn’t require KYC, and offers up to 500x leverage.

Altcoin Trading Exchanges


Binance - Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange originating from China, their headquarters moved to more crypto-friendly Island of Malta in the EU. This platform is great for both trading and buying providing more than 100 cryptocurrencies to choose from. And is the biggest altcoin exchange in the world in terms of the trading volume.


Kucoin - Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

KuCoin is a great alternative to Binance, offering a wide variety of coins to choose from, they as well have the option fo purchase with a credit card and all in all are a great exchange to anyone looking to buy, sell or trade lots of different altcoins.



CoinTiger is yet another great alternative to Binance, this cryptocurrency exchange provides countless coins to trade with, and the ability to withdraw up to 2 BTC daily without any kind of KYC documents.



Poloniex was once the top altcoin trading platform but has lost a lot of its shine from then, mainly because of Binance, and KYC requirements. However Hoverwer this exchange is still great for US citizens and has been stable for a long time making them still an excellent choice for trading a large variety of different coins.



Graviex is a fairly new altcoin focused cryptocurrency exchange. The platform offers some unique low-cap coins and easy to use interface.

VCC Exchange

VCC Exchange is a Vietnamese based advanced altcoin trading exchange. The platform offers a variety of coins and with no KYC requirements for deposits or withdraws.



Livecoin is a small-cap altcoin exchange providing countless coins to choose from. This exchange was founded in 2013 meaning they have a quite track record behind. The exchange also supports fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, and Russian ruble. Overall this is a simple exchange with ease of use.

Instant Swap Exchanges

Instant Swap stands for crypto exchanges that allow customers to swap Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies instantly in an easy way. Often these services do not require account creation, and they have a large variety of coins to choose from.


ChangeHero is an instant swap crypto exchange that provides the ability to buy and sell over 100 cryptocurrencies securely and instantly. The platform doesn’t have limits on how much you can exchange, and it doesn’t require registration nor id verification for simple swaps.


Godex is an instant swap crypto exchange focused on providing seamless anonymized trades with no limits. Godex doesn’t require registration, nor it needs any other personal information.



ChangeNow is an instant crypto swapping service, and it has more than200 coins available for exchange. The platform doesn’t require registration, swaps can be done in minutes and alternatively you can also purchase various cryptos with a credit or debit card.

Peer to Peer Exchanges


AgoraDesk is a peer to peer crypto exchange designed for true anonymity. This exchange offers a variety of benefits over LocalBitcoin & even Hodlhodl such as cash by mail, no KYC, noJS mode, Tor, and I2P and not even email is needed for registering. The platform is by far one of the most secure places to purchase & sell Bitcoin anonymously.

Hodl Hodl

HodlHodl - Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

HodlHodl is a peer to peer non-custodial Bitcoin exchange meaning they do not hold user’s funds. They provide escrow service by creating a multi-signature wallet between the users. However, users can also connect and trade in their own terms such as meeting in person use cash and so on. This is a very similar to LocalBitcoins, yet they do not force you to fill KYC details, therefore giving you the option to stay anonymous.

Register on HodlHodl and receive a discounted trading fees of 0.55% instead of 0.6%.



LocalCoinSwap is a peer to peer trading exchange connecting people all around the world to buy and sell over 20+ different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash Monero, and Tether. LocalCoinSwap has over 250+ payment methods and doesn’t require KYC documents.

Register on LocalCoinSwap, and receive a 10% fee rebate!



Redeeem is gift card focused peer to peer trading platform. The exchange lets anyone purchase gift cards with discounts of up to 30%. The platform is available in over 200 countries and has its own currency “Redeeem Credits” which can be obtained using over 20 different cryptocurrencies.



Bisq is the world’s only fully decentralized peer to peer exchange. This platform is one of the most advanced in the industry, however, it still has low volume and might be difficult for new users.

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