62 Top Non KYC Crypto Exchanges: No ID Verification Needed in 2024

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No-KYC Crypto Exchanges: The Ultimate List

This comprehensive guide gives you access to over 60 of the best Non KYC crypto exchanges in the blockchain industry. These handpicked exchanges do not require customers to complete KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, making them an ideal choice for those seeking to trade cryptocurrencies anonymously.

For an up-to-date and user-curated list, visit No KYC Crypto Exchanges: Trade with Enhanced Privacy.

Understanding KYC

KYC is an acronym for ‘Know Your Customer', a standard practice in the financial services sector that requires businesses to verify the identity of their clients. This process usually involves providing personal documents such as home addresses, phone numbers, passports, ID or driver's licenses, and more. This information is critical as it helps mitigate risks and prevent fraudulent activities.

In the context of cryptocurrency exchanges, KYC procedures are often mandatory before users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies. It's a step that comes up during sign-up, deposit, or withdrawal processes – and it can be quite a hassle.

Why Choose Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges?

With numerous crypto exchanges requesting these important documents during various stages of interaction on their platforms, many users find the process intrusive and time-consuming. In response to this, we've put together a complete list of Non-KYC crypto exchanges that have confirmed they do not require KYC/AML procedures.

These platforms allow you to start trading almost immediately after signing up without having to go through lengthy verification processes. They offer a quick, easy, and more private way of delving into the world of cryptocurrency trading.

The Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges for 2024

Presented below are the cream of the crop Non-KYC crypto exchanges that you can start leveraging today, entirely bypassing the need for ID verification:

  1. MEXC
  2. SimpleFX
  3. TradeOgre
  4. StealthEx
  5. LocalCoinSwap

Below is the full list of these platforms that have been vetted and confirmed as reliable options for non-KYC cryptocurrency trading in 2024. With these exchanges at your fingertips, you can trade confidently and conveniently without the need for ID verification.

Spot/Margin Trading Exchanges

Margin trading allows you to borrow either Bitcoin or Dollars at an interest rate to increase the size of your trading account. Although this activity can be highly risky, it is the quickest way to make huge trading returns.


Cutting-Edge Trading with Exceptional Fee Structure

Established in 2018, MEXC has quickly risen to prominence as a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange, known for its competitively low transaction fees. Offering a broad array of cryptocurrencies, MEXC caters to various trading preferences. It boasts free spot trading and incredibly low maker/taker fees for futures trading, ranging from 0.0% to 0.01%. MEXC stands out for its privacy-focused approach, allowing users to trade without the need for KYC documentation.

No KYC RequirementsTrade with full privacy and discretion
Max LeverageUp to 200x for diverse trading strategies
Trading FeesEnjoy free spot trading; futures trading at 0.0 – 0.01%
Withdrawal LimitsWithdraw up to 50 BTC per 24 hours without KYC
Exclusive OfferClaim bonuses up to 1000 USDT!


A Hub for Low-Fee, High-Opportunity Crypto Trading

Bitget sets itself apart in the cryptocurrency exchange arena with its notably low transaction fees and innovative trading features. The platform is particularly acclaimed for its copy trading and strategic trading options, which appeal to a broad spectrum of investors. Its commitment to KYC-free trading enhances its accessibility and privacy. Bitget further distinguishes itself by offering a variety of avenues for passive income generation. Additionally, the absence of deposit and withdrawal fees means that users can maximize their profits without concern over additional costs.

No KYC RequirementsTrade with freedom and privacy
Max LeverageAmplify your trading with up to 125x leverage
Competitive Trading FeesLow fees for both spot and futures trading
Withdrawal LimitsWithdraw up to $100,000 per 24 hours without KYC
Exceptional BonusesInstant 1000 USDT Welcome Pack and Bonuses up to $6000!


Balancing Privacy and Compliance in Crypto Trading

Bitflex introduces a pragmatic approach to cryptocurrency trading by offering optional KYC verification, allowing users to trade with privacy while still adhering to regulatory requirements. The platform's KYC is only mandatory for withdrawals exceeding $20,000 per day or $500,000 per month, catering to both casual and high-volume traders. Bitflex is also recognized for its competitive fee structure, with rates starting as low as 0.015% for makers and 0.06% for takers, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious traders.

Optional KYCMaintain privacy with non-mandatory KYC for lower withdrawal limits
Competitive FeesEnjoy low trading fees – 0.015% for makers and 0.06% for takers
Max LeverageTake advantage of up to 100x leverage
Withdrawal FlexibilityWithdraw up to $20,000 per day without KYC
Welcome BonusesClaim new user bonuses up to 1000 USDT!


Your Comprehensive Crypto Trading and Financial Hub

Bitrue stands out as a multifaceted cryptocurrency exchange and financial platform, perfectly suited for both intermediate and advanced crypto enthusiasts. Its extensive selection of over 700 cryptocurrencies provides users with abundant trading opportunities, including futures trading and betting options. Known for its competitive fees, Bitrue appeals to cost-conscious traders. Additionally, the platform's approach to KYC compliance offers flexibility, allowing users to trade with a higher degree of privacy.

No Mandatory KYCTrade with privacy and ease
Vast Cryptocurrency SelectionOver 700 cryptocurrencies for diverse trading
Competitive FeesEnjoy low trading fees with additional discounts
Leverage OptionsUp to 50x leverage for enhanced trading dynamics
Generous Withdrawal Limits2 BTC per 24 hours without KYC
Welcome RewardsGrab special benefits up to $1000!


Sophisticated Trading Made Accessible and Affordable

BYDFi, formerly known as BitYard, has established itself as a prominent cryptocurrency exchange since its inception in 2019. It caters to traders seeking advanced trading options, offering both margin and derivatives trading. BYDFi is particularly appealing for its low fee structure, making it a preferred choice for investors engaged in frequent cryptocurrency trading. The platform combines sophisticated trading tools with user-friendly interfaces, enabling traders to navigate and capitalize on the dynamic crypto market effectively.

No KYC RequirementsEnsuring privacy and ease of access for all users
High Leverage OptionsMaximizing trading potential with up to 200x leverage
Competitive FeesAttractive fee range between 0.01% and 0.03%
Generous Withdrawal LimitsWithdraw up to 100,000 USDT per 24 hours without KYC
Welcome BonusesTake advantage of bonuses worth up to 2888 USDT


A Dynamic Force in Crypto Derivatives Trading

Phemex continues to be a significant player in the cryptocurrency derivatives trading arena. It offers a comprehensive range of contracts, including popular assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and EOS, with leverage options of up to 100x. While Phemex has evolved from its initial offering of fee plans, it still maintains competitive trading fees and a robust trading environment. Its commitment to providing a user-friendly and efficient trading platform makes it a preferred choice for both novice and experienced traders globally.

High Leverage TradingUp to 100x leverage on a diverse range of contracts
Competitive Trading FeesAttractive fee structure for both contracts and spot trading
Withdrawal Limits 2 BTC without KYC, and unlimited with KYC, per 24 hours
Special RewardsEnjoy up to $50 Welcome Rewards and participate in a 2 Million PT Airdrop


Logo of Gate.io, featuring a stylized blue and green circular design on the left, followed by the text "Gate.io" in white on a black background.

Revolutionizing Crypto Exchange with a Fresh Vision

Gate.io stands as a vibrant epicenter in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges, designed for traders who seek both diversity and innovation. This platform distinguishes itself with a wide array of cryptocurrencies and advanced trading tools, catering to both seasoned traders and those just beginning their crypto journey. With features like high leverage options, competitive trading fees, and flexible withdrawal limits, Gate.io is tailored to meet the needs of a global trading audience. Its user-friendly interface and robust security measures, including 100% Proof of Reserves, ensure a reliable and efficient trading experience. 

Cryptocurrency VarietyOver 1,700 cryptocurrencies available for trading
Leverage OptionsOffers up to 100x leverage on certain trading pairs
Trading FeesCompetitive spot trading fees as low as 0.2%
Withdrawal LimitsHigh withdrawal limit of up to 100 BTC per 24 hours for verified users
Security and Ease of UseStrong security protocols with a user-friendly interface
Special OfferEnjoy a 10% trading fee discount and a chance to win up to $6666 in welcome rewards


Global Crypto Exchange with Emphasis on Expansion and Security

HTX, formerly known as Huobi Global, continues to be a powerhouse in the realm of cryptocurrency exchanges, especially known for its Bitcoin spot and margin trading. This platform, with its rich history and consistently high performance, caters to both seasoned traders and newcomers alike. Its trading fee structure is competitive, and the platform offers a range of discounts, making it an attractive option for various trading strategies. The flexible withdrawal limits, accommodating both KYC-compliant and non-KYC users, add to the platform's inclusivity and appeal.

Legacy and ReliabilityLong-standing reputation in the crypto world
Trading FeesCompetitive fees for spot (0.20%) and derivatives trading (0.02% to 0.04%), with discounts for higher volumes
Withdrawal LimitsFlexible, ranging from 0.1 BTC without KYC to 200 BTC with KYC per 24 hours


A Trailblazer in Margin Crypto Exchange

Emerging from the British Virgin Islands, BTSE positions itself as a dynamic and innovative crypto margin exchange. The platform caters to a diverse range of trading preferences with its selection of spot and futures markets, bolstered by the option of up to 100x leverage. Unique in its offering, BTSE allows traders to settle profits in any fiat asset of their choice, complemented by SWIFT transfers and no caps on withdrawal limits. Adding to its appeal, BTSE incentivizes new users with a generous offer to double their first futures deposit up to $100, effectively gifting $100 for free.

No KYC RequirementsTrade with complete anonymity
Versatile Trading OptionsSpot and futures markets with up to 100x leverage
Flexible Profit SettlementChoose any fiat asset for settling profits
Attractive Trading FeesCompetitive rates with additional discounts
Unlimited WithdrawalsNo withdrawal limits


Logo of Interdax featuring a stylized blue and white symbol followed by the word "INTERDAX" in bold, white capital letters.

Revolutionizing Crypto Trading with Competitive Battles

Interdax introduces a novel concept to the world of cryptocurrency trading, positioning itself as a first-of-its-kind competitive trading platform. Specializing in Bitcoin derivative products, Interdax offers the exciting combination of low fees and high leverage, up to 100x, appealing to traders looking for an edge in the market. What truly sets Interdax apart is its unique ‘trading battles' feature, where users can engage in competitions by pooling funds for substantial prizes. This innovative approach not only adds an element of thrill to trading but also fosters a community spirit among participants.

No KYC RequirementsTrade with anonymity and ease
Innovative Trading PlatformFirst of its kind with competitive trading battles
High LeverageOffers up to 100x leverage for derivative trading
Low Trading FeesCompetitive fees structure for perpetual contracts
Unlimited Withdrawal LimitsFreedom and flexibility in managing funds


High-Margin Trading with Enhanced Privacy

PrimeBit stands out as a cryptocurrency exchange and perpetual swap contracts trading platform, known for offering some of the highest margins in the market. Catering to traders who seek high leverage, PrimeBit allows trading Bitcoin with margins of up to 200x. The platform's commitment to user privacy is evident as it requires no KYC documents, making it appealing to those who value anonymity in their trading activities. With a competitive fee structure ranging from -0.025% to 0.075%, and no limits on withdrawals, PrimeBit is designed for traders looking for high leverage opportunities without compromising on privacy.

Exceptionally High LeverageOffers up to 200x leverage on Bitcoin trades
No KYC RequirementsTrade with full privacy and anonymity
Competitive Trading FeesRanging from -0.025% to 0.075%
Unlimited WithdrawalsNo caps on withdrawal amounts
Exclusive OfferEnjoy a 10% trading fee discount plus an additional $80 bonus


Streamlined Trading with High Leverage Options

BingX positions itself as a cutting-edge platform for cryptocurrency perpetual contract trading. It caters to a broad range of trading preferences by offering a diverse selection of coins, including BTC, ETH, XRP, LINK, and many others. With up to 150x leverage and an intuitive user interface, BingX appeals to both novice and seasoned traders seeking to amplify their trading strategies. The platform's commitment to ease of use, combined with significant leverage options, makes it a compelling choice for crypto trading.

No KYC RequiredTrade without mandatory KYC
High LeverageTrade with up to 150x leverage
Trading FeesCompetitive fee structure with discounts – 0.02% to 0.05%
Withdrawal Limits1 BTC without KYC, unlimited with KYC per 24 hours
Exclusive BonusGrab your chance to claim bonuses up to $5000!


High-Speed Crypto Exchange with Advanced Security

Globe Exchange distinguishes itself in the cryptocurrency market with its state-of-the-art engine, capable of handling 2 million transactions per second. This high-performance platform ensures smooth trading even during volatile market conditions, bolstered by robust ‘Black Swan' security measures. Globe Exchange is designed for traders looking to diversify their portfolio with a variety of assets at low commission rates. Unique to Globe is the ability to use any asset as collateral for margin trading, allowing users to access margin without needing to sell their cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the platform offers up to 100x leverage and cross-margin options, enhancing risk management for traders.

Ultra-High Transaction SpeedEngine capable of 2 million transactions per second
High Leverage TradingUp to 100x leverage for enhanced trading strategies
Low Trading FeesCompetitive fees with additional discounts
Withdrawal LimitsUp to $10,000 per 24 hours without KYC


Global Crypto Exchange with a Focus on Diversity and Security

CoinEx is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange offering a diverse range of trading options, including margin trading and perpetual swaps for popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC. The platform is renowned for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, catering to both novice and professional traders. CoinEx operates with a non-KYC standard for basic trading, making it accessible to a wide user base globally.

No Mandatory KYCBasic trading available without full identity verification
Trading FeesSpot trading fees at 0.2%, and contract trading fees ranging from -0.03% to 0.05%, with available discounts
Withdrawal LimitsUp to $10,000 USD without KYC, and up to $1,000,000 USD with KYC per 24 hours


All-in-One Platform for Crypto Trading and Investment

StormGain is an all-encompassing crypto app that integrates a variety of services including Bitcoin cloud mining, crypto trading with leverage of up to 500x, a crypto exchange, exclusive trading signals, and more. As a prominent player in the cryptocurrency field, StormGain offers unique features such as earning free Bitcoin daily through mining without equipment or resource drain, and zero trading commissions for new orders. The platform provides access to a broad range of cryptocurrencies, available 24/7, and supports features like Stop Loss and Take Profit for strategic trading. Additionally, users can easily manage and exchange multi-currency funds through secure wallets, supporting purchases and withdrawals via credit card.

Comprehensive Crypto ServicesFrom cloud mining to trading with high 500x leverage
Zero Trading CommissionsNo commission on opening new orders
Extensive Crypto AccessTrade a wide range of cryptocurrencies with ease


Innovative Crypto Margin Trading for the Privacy-Conscious

Margex emerges as a cutting-edge platform in the realm of crypto margin trading. This new exchange is designed for users who value both high-performance trading and privacy. With no need for personal information at registration, Margex offers the opportunity to trade anonymously, providing up to 100x leverage for those seeking to amplify their trading strategies. A standout feature of Margex is its unique pricing system, which aggregates liquidity from over 12 different exchanges, ensuring competitive rates and a seamless trading experience.

High Leverage TradingOffers up to 100x leverage for margin trading
Anonymity GuaranteedNo personal information required for registration
Low Trading FeesCompetitive fee structure ranging from 0.019% to 0.060%
Unlimited WithdrawalsFreedom to withdraw funds without any limits


Innovative Crypto Gambling and Leverage Trading Platform

Rollbit redefines the crypto gaming landscape by blending the thrill of gambling with the excitement of leverage trading. As an all-in-one platform, it stands out with its creative bonus schemes, including daily bonuses, rank-up rewards, and a generous 5% instant rakeback. Further enhancing its appeal is the unique profit-sharing program that rewards dedicated players with RLB tokens. Emphasizing user convenience, Rollbit operates without KYC verification, allowing users to engage in cryptocurrency futures trading and gaming activities freely and anonymously.

No KYC RequirementsEnjoy unrestricted access to trading
MultiplierLeverage your trades with a multiplier up to 500x
Reward SystemEngage in lucrative bonus schemes and profit-sharing with RLB tokens
Withdrawal LimitsExperience the freedom of no withdrawal limits


Efficient and Secure Cryptocurrency Trading

Mandala Exchange is a notable cryptocurrency trading platform, particularly valued for its ease of use and robust security. Launched using the innovative Binance Cloud, it's headquartered in Malta. The platform stands out for its collaboration with Binance, which enhances its security and legitimacy, and offers deep liquidity and advanced technology. Mandala Exchange supports a wide range of over 100 cryptocurrencies, but it does not currently support fiat deposits and withdrawals. The trading experience on Mandala is streamlined for both beginner and advanced traders, with an intuitive interface and minimal lag.

Crypto-Only Deposits and WithdrawalsSupports more than 100 cryptocurrencies for deposit and withdrawal, but does not accommodate fiat currency transactions
Competitive FeesOffers low trading fees of 0.10%, which is below the global average, with no deposit fees. Withdrawal fees vary by token
No Mandatory KYCWhile KYC is not compulsory, account verification is recommended for increased withdrawal limits and enhanced legitimacy


Next-Generation Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Toobit emerges as a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange, established in 2022 with a focus on offering a wide range of digital assets and innovative trading solutions. Operating from the Cayman Islands, Toobit is designed to cater to both novice and experienced traders globally, providing a user-friendly interface alongside advanced trading options.

Extensive Cryptocurrency OfferingBoasts support for over 92 coins and 100 trading pairs, catering to a diverse range of trading preferences
Innovative Trading FeaturesOffers spot trading, futures contracts, and a variety of tools and features aimed at enhancing the trading experience
High Leverage OptionsTraders can utilize up to 150x leverage on futures contracts, offering significant potential for profit?
No Mandatory KYCProvides an added layer of privacy by not requiring KYC verification for traders, facilitating quick and anonymous access to the platform
Rewarding User IncentivesNew users can enjoy welcome bonuses and participate in reward programs, amplifying their earning potential while trading on the platform


Innovative and Expansive Crypto Trading Platform

Bitunix emerges as a formidable cryptocurrency exchange, catering to a global audience with a focus on providing a seamless trading experience. Established in 2021, Bitunix has quickly made its mark with its headquarters in Singapore, offering a vast selection of over 132 spot cryptos and 45+ futures contracts. The exchange stands out for not requiring KYC verification, making it accessible and ensuring privacy for its traders.

Extensive Trading OptionsBitunix supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, ensuring traders have access to both popular and emerging digital assets
Competitive Fee StructureWith maker/taker fees set at 0.08% / 0.1% for spot trading and even lower for futures at 0.02% / 0.06%, Bitunix offers an affordable trading experience
High Leverage TradingOffers up to 100x leverage on futures contracts, providing traders with the potential to amplify their trading strategies
User-Friendly PlatformThe exchange boasts a mobile app, enabling trading on the go with a platform designed for both beginners and seasoned traders
Innovative PartnershipsCollaboration with MoonPay enhances the onboarding process, offering an expanded range of payment options for an improved user experience


Revolutionizing Crypto Trading

Crypton Exchange, launched in 2021 in the UK, is a privacy-focused platform that doesn’t require KYC. It stands out for its straightforward trading interface, suitable for newcomers to crypto. Crypton offers competitive fees, charging both takers and makers 0.10%, below the industry average. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies but doesn't allow US investors and lacks fiat currency deposit options. The platform is designed for users who prioritize simplicity and privacy in their trading experience.

No KYC RequirementsEnsures privacy and ease for users, without the need for identity verification
Competitive Trading FeesBoth makers and takers are charged a low fee of 0.10%
Cryptocurrency SupportOffers trading in various cryptocurrencies
User-Friendly InterfaceDesigned to be intuitive, especially for newcomers to cryptocurrency trading

Traditional Market Exchanges

There are many international online trading brokerage exchanges that accept Bitcoin and offer the ability to trade forex and CFDs on a wide array of financial assets across the global markets..


Streamlined Trading with Transparency and Speed

SimpleFX marks its presence in the world of online trading with its emphasis on advanced technology, competitive spreads, and transparent trading conditions. Recognized as one of the most potent platforms, it offers an array of CFD crypto and forex trading tools, catering to diverse trading strategies and preferences. Particularly noteworthy is SimpleFX's proficiency in facilitating traditional market trades through Bitcoin, making it a go-to platform for traders who seek to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional finance.

No KYC RequirementsTrade freely with anonymity and privacy
Trading FeesZero fees with cost-effective spreads
Market RangeExtensive CFD crypto and forex trading options
Withdrawal LimitsNo limits on withdrawal amounts


A Cutting-Edge Platform for Diverse Crypto Trading

PrimeXBT stands as a noteworthy newcomer in the realm of trading platforms, swiftly distinguishing itself with advanced features and comprehensive trading options. It offers an all-encompassing trading experience, encompassing over 30 assets ranging from cryptocurrencies to traditional markets, all within Bitcoin-based accounts. The platform's commitment to anonymity in account creation and the provision of up to 100x leverage opens up vast opportunities for traders to amplify their trading strategies and potential gains.

No KYC RequirementsTrade with complete anonymity
Extensive Asset RangeOver 30 assets including crypto and traditional markets
Flexible LeverageUp to 100x leverage for maximizing trading potential
Low Trading FeesCompetitive fees as low as 0.001%, 0.01%, or 0.05%
Unrestricted WithdrawalsEnjoy the freedom of no withdrawal limits

Altcoin Trading Exchanges

Altcoin trading can be one of the most profitable concepts in cryptocurrency, there are thousands of different projects to choose from and quite a few exchanges as well. To have access to as many coins as possible we suggest registering on each exchange below. These are the best crypto exchanges for altcoin trading.


Revolutionizing Crypto Trading with Automated Bots

Pionex emerges as a standout in the realm of crypto trading exchanges, especially for its innovative integration of multiple cryptocurrency trading bots. These bots offer an effortless approach to automate trading strategies like arbitrage, grid trading, and DCA, accessible even to those without coding skills. With its regulation by FinCEN, Pionex is an attractive platform for US customers, offering a blend of simplicity and sophistication in crypto trading. The exchange supports a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, ensuring a comprehensive trading experience.

Automated Trading BotsVariety of built-in bots for different strategies including Grid Trading, DCA, and Rebalancing
Wide Range of CryptocurrenciesOffers trading in 379 coins/tokens
Low Trading FeesCompetitive fee of 0.05%, appealing to a wide range of traders
Global ReachSupports users in over 100 countries and regions
Exclusive Welcome RewardsOffers 2125 USDT welcome rewards and a 15% trading fee discount


Under-the-Radar Crypto Exchange Specializing in Privacy Coins

TradeOgre represents one of the original cryptocurrency exchanges that continue to operate discreetly, prioritizing user privacy and simplicity in its trading experience. This exchange stands out for its commitment to no-KYC trading, appealing particularly to those who value anonymity in their crypto transactions. TradeOgre is notably specialized in offering a range of private cryptocurrencies, including Monero, Zcash, PriveChain, and others. With a flat trading fee of 0.2%, the platform offers an accessible and straightforward approach to trading, making it a preferred choice for users interested in privacy-focused digital currencies

Privacy-Focused TradingNo KYC requirements, ensuring complete user anonymity
Specialization in Private CryptocurrenciesSupport for Monero, Zcash, PriveChain, and more
Simple Trading ExperienceUser-friendly interface for hassle-free transactions
Competitive Trading FeesFixed fee of 0.2% for all trades
Unrestricted Withdrawal LimitsFreedom to withdraw funds without any caps


Championing Privacy in Crypto Exchange

NonKYC.io stands out in the cryptocurrency exchange market by prioritizing user privacy and anonymity. This platform makes a strong statement against KYC requirements, appealing to users who value confidentiality in their transactions. It offers a range of cryptocurrencies, including privacy-centric Monero and mainstream options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

Strict No KYC PolicyEmphasizes user privacy and anonymity
Low Trading FeesOffers competitive, low trading fees to its users
Unlimited WithdrawalsNo limits on withdrawal amounts, providing flexibility for users
User-Friendly InterfaceSimplified and intuitive platform design for ease of use


Versatile Crypto Exchange with Diverse Income Opportunities

Bibox stands as a robust cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, known for its wide range of services and features designed to enhance income and investment opportunities. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of options, including over 200+ altcoin pairs for spot and margin trading, staking opportunities, and user-friendly automated bots. Bibox caters to a diverse user base, from novice traders to experienced investors, by providing tools and options that can amplify trading and investment strategies. With competitive trading fees and flexible withdrawal limits, Bibox balances accessibility and security, making it an appealing choice for those looking to expand their crypto portfolio.

Competitive FeesReasonable fees for spot and contract trading, with available discounts
Flexible Withdrawal LimitsUp to 2 BTC without KYC, and up to 20 BTC with KYC per day
No KYC for Basic TradingOffers privacy and ease of access for users


Seamless Crypto Trading at Your Fingertips

7b emerges as a standout crypto broker app, designed for straightforward and secure trading. This Android-based app, backed by Binance Brokerage API, caters to both newcomers and seasoned traders. 7b's appeal lies in its ease of use, offering a broad spectrum of over 400 cryptocurrencies. However, it lacks fiat currency support and desktop trading capabilities. Its commitment to security, transparent fees, and 24/7 customer support positions 7b as a reliable intermediary in the crypto trading world.

Beginner-Friendly InterfaceDesigned to be intuitive and accessible for all levels of traders
Extensive Cryptocurrency SupportOffers a diverse range of over 400 cryptocurrencies for trading
Binance-Powered TechnologyEnsures reliable and efficient trading experiences
Transparent Fee StructureOffers clarity on transaction costs with no hidden fees


European Cryptocurrency Exchange with Diverse Altcoin Selection

BTC-Alpha, a licensed European exchange launched in 2016, offers a wide range of digital assets for trading. Known for its global reach and user-friendly platform, BTC-Alpha supports over 80 countries. It features a native ERC-20 token, ALP, which provides trading benefits. The platform is lauded for its robust security, having successfully countered a major cyber attack, and for its unique social listing feature, allowing user involvement in coin listings.

Global Trading ServicesAvailable to users in over 80 countries, with a variety of digital assets for trading
Competitive Trading FeesFixed fee of 0.2% with opportunities for discounts
No KYC for Small WithdrawalsAllows withdrawals up to $5,000 USD without KYC
Accessibility and ReliabilityCommitted to making trading easy and accessible to a global audience


A Veteran in Altcoin Trading with a Wide Coin Selection

Poloniex, once a leading platform in altcoin trading, remains a strong contender in the cryptocurrency exchange market. Despite facing competition and changes in the industry, Poloniex's stability over the years has kept it as a reliable choice for trading a diverse range of coins. The exchange offers a comprehensive suite of trading options, including spot and futures trading, with competitive fees. Poloniex's trading fee structure is designed to be economical, catering to various trading strategies. The exchange also provides flexible withdrawal limits, accommodating both non-KYC and KYC-compliant users, with a significant daily withdrawal capacity.

Extensive Coin VarietyOffers a broad selection of cryptocurrencies for trading
Competitive Trading FeesLow fees for spot and futures trading, with additional discounts
High Withdrawal LimitsUp to $50,000 USD without KYC and up to $1,000,000 USD with KYC per day
No KYC for Basic TradingAllows for a degree of anonymity and ease of access
Welcome BonusOpportunity to receive up to $1000 as a welcome bonus


Your Gateway to a Global Cryptocurrency Marketplace

ProBit emerges as a distinguished global cryptocurrency exchange, offering an expansive range of over 800 coins in more than 1000 markets. It's designed for universal accessibility, catering to a diverse audience with support for over 40 languages. ProBit's commitment to security is evident in its sophisticated cold wallet storage, advanced encryption algorithms, and two-factor authentication. The platform is particularly appealing for its automated trading bot support, enabling users to optimize their trading strategies. With ProBit, users gain access to a comprehensive crypto experience, reinforced by a strong emphasis on customer trust and a flawless security record

Cryptocurrency VarietyOver 800 coins and 1000+ markets for diverse trading options
Automated Trading BotsSupports various trading bots for automated and optimized trading strategies
Convenient Fiat On-RampSupports fiat transactions with multiple currencies


Altcoin Exchange with User-Friendly Interface

Graviex is platform is tailored for those seeking access to unique, low-cap coins that might not be available on larger exchanges. Graviex's user-friendly interface is a key highlight, catering to both beginners and seasoned traders in the altcoin market. The exchange promotes an inclusive environment with its no KYC requirement for basic trading activities, ensuring privacy and ease of access for its users.

Altcoin FocusSpecializes in offering a range of unique, low-cap altcoins
User-Friendly InterfaceDesigned to be intuitive and accessible for traders at all levels
Competitive Trading FeesCharges a flat rate of 0.2% with available discounts for frequent traders
Flexible Withdrawal LimitsOffers up to 2 BTC withdrawal without KYC, and unlimited withdrawal with KYC

Instant Swap Exchanges

Instant Swap stands for crypto exchanges that allow customers to swap Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies instantly in an easy way. Often these services do not require account creation, and they have a large variety of coins to choose from.


Advanced, Anonymous Instant Swap Crypto Exchange

Xchange marks its presence as a leading platform in the realm of anonymous instant swap cryptocurrency exchanges. Known for its cutting-edge technology, Xchange offers highly competitive rates and can handle high transaction volumes efficiently. The platform's versatility is further enhanced by its availability in both web and CLI (Command Line Interface) versions. This makes it uniquely adaptable for use within privacy-focused operating systems like Tails or Whonix, catering to users who prioritize security and anonymity.

No KYC RequirementsEnsuring complete anonymity for all transactions
High Transaction CapacityCapable of handling large volumes seamlessly
Versatile Platform AccessAvailable in both web and CLI formats
Tor Network CompatibilityEnhanced privacy through Tor accessibility
Competitive Trading FeesRanging from 1.5% to 2%
Unlimited Exchange LimitsTrade without boundaries


Your Go-To Platform for Anonymous Crypto Swaps

Trocador emerges as an innovative instant swap cryptocurrency exchange, tailored for users who value anonymity and variety in their trading. This platform stands out with its wide selection of coins, including major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Dogecoin, as well as stablecoins and altcoins. Its unique anonpay feature elevates the convenience, allowing seamless payments across different currencies. With both fixed and floating trading fees and no exchange limits, Trocador offers flexibility and freedom for all kinds of crypto transactions. Additionally, its availability on the Tor network reinforces its commitment to true anonymity, making it an ideal choice for privacy-focused traders.

Privacy-First ApproachTrade anonymously, with Trocador also accessible via the Tor network
Diverse Coin OptionsA broad selection of cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins and popular altcoins
Anonpay FeatureUnique functionality enabling currency-to-currency payments
Flexible Fee StructureChoose between fixed and floating trading fees
Unrestricted TradingNo limits on exchange amounts, catering to all trading sizes
Truly AnonymousTrocador is also available on Tor network.


Your Gateway to Unlimited, Private Crypto Swaps

Experience the freedom of trading with StealthEX, a custody-free cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to instant, private swaps. Offering a seamless and straightforward interface, StealthEX grants access to over 1400+ assets, with no trading limits. StealthEX champions privacy, requiring no KYC, ensuring your trading experience remains confidential and secure.

Unmatched PrivacyNo KYC requirements, ensuring complete anonymity in trading
Vast Asset SelectionAccess to over 1400+ cryptocurrencies for diverse trading options
Effortless Trading ExperienceUser-friendly interface for hassle-free transactions
Unlimited Trading PotentialNo restrictions on trading volumes or limits
Floating Trading FeesFlexible rates that adapt to market conditions


Effortless and Limitless Cryptocurrency Exchange

Embracing simplicity and accessibility, SimpleSwap stands out as an intuitive instant cryptocurrency exchange platform that requires no sign-up or upper trading limits. Catering to a broad range of crypto enthusiasts, the platform supports an extensive array of over 1500 cryptocurrencies, alongside multiple traditional fiat currencies. Uniquely versatile, SimpleSwap is not confined to web-based services; it extends its reach through user-friendly mobile applications for both iOS and Android, ensuring safe, convenient exchanges at competitive rates for users on the move.

No KYC or Sign-upTrade with complete ease and privacy
Wide Crypto VarietyOver 1500 cryptos plus traditional fiat options
Trading FeesChoose between Floating and Fixed rates
Mobile AccessibilitySeamless trading experience on iOS & Android
No Exchange LimitsFreedom to trade without any restrictions


The swapspace logo features white text on a black background.

Instant Crypto Swaps on an Expansive Platform

SwapSpace introduces a refreshing approach to crypto exchanges with its instant swap service, free from the hassles of registration and pre-KYC requirements. This platform stands out for its extensive support of over 600 alternative cryptocurrencies and a staggering array of over 60,000 exchange trading pairs. SwapSpace is designed for those who seek diversity and convenience in their trading experience, offering a wide range of options to cater to every trader's needs.

No KYC or RegistrationTrade anonymously without any upfront verification
Enormous Variety of CoinsAccess to a massive selection of over 600 cryptocurrencies
Flexible Trading FeesFees vary based on the chosen exchange, offering competitive rates
No Maximum Exchange LimitsEnjoy the freedom to trade without any upper boundaries


Swift and Confidential Crypto Exchanges

Swapter offers a streamlined cryptocurrency exchange service, focusing on speed and confidentiality. This platform stands out for its fully automated exchanges that require no registration, ideal for users seeking quick and private transactions. Swapter's ability to trade top coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin without any redemption cap sets it apart. The platform ensures that trades, even for low liquidity pairs, are completed almost instantaneously, typically within a maximum duration of 15 minutes, with only minimal network charges applied.

Automated and ConfidentialQuick exchanges without the need for registration
Minimal Network ChargesLow cost for transactions
No Redemption CapFreedom to trade without limits
Rapid Transaction ProcessingMost trades completed within 15 minutes


Versatile and Secure Instant Swap Cryptocurrency Exchange

Established in 2019, Swapuz stands as an innovative instant swap cryptocurrency exchange platform, offering a vast array of over 1500+ digital assets. The platform's unique multi-channel exchange system allows seamless transitions between centralized (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX), catering to a variety of trading preferences. Swapuz places a high emphasis on user security and privacy. It ensures that users are not required to store their coins on the platform, nor undergo any KYC procedures, thus maintaining their anonymity. With its combination of fixed and floating trading fees and no exchange limits, Swapuz is an ideal choice for traders who value flexibility, security, and a wide range of asset options.

Extensive Asset SelectionAccess to over 1500+ digital assets for trading
CEX and DEX IntegrationUnique multi-channel system for versatile trading
Privacy and Security FocusedNo need to store coins on the platform or undergo KYC
Flexible Trading FeesOffers both fixed and floating fee options
Unrestricted Exchange LimitsFreedom to trade without any limitations


Secure and Private Instant Swap Exchange

Evonax, operating since 2016, positions itself as a premier exchange focusing on privacy and security, offering anonymous, no-KYC instant swap services. This platform is designed for those who prioritize confidentiality in their crypto transactions, enabling users to conduct quick swaps without the need for registration. Specializing in UTXO-based cryptocurrencies, Evonax offers a variety of trading pairs, supported by a reliable 24/7 customer service. With its fixed trading fee structure and no maximum exchange limits, Evonax caters to a wide range of trading needs while ensuring user privacy and ease of use.

Privacy-Centric ApproachNo KYC requirements and anonymous trading
Instant Swap ServicesQuick and easy swaps without registration
Fixed Trading FeesTransparent and predictable fee structure
Flexible Exchange LimitsNo maximum limits, with minimums varying by currency


The logo of SideShift.AI features stylized "SideShift.AI" text with a circular symbol to the left. The background is black, and the text is white.

Pioneering Instant Swap Exchange with Unique Offerings

SideShift stands out in the cryptocurrency exchange arena as an automated instant swap platform offering a selection of over 20 coins, including its own native token. This platform distinguishes itself not just by the variety of cryptocurrencies available but also by being one of the first to offer Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) swaps. The innovative nature of SideShift extends to its flexible fee structure, accommodating both variable and fixed trading fees to suit different trading preferences. With no limits on exchanges, SideShift caters to a broad spectrum of users, from casual traders to those looking for niche cryptocurrency options.

Innovative Trading FeaturesOne of the first platforms to offer Liquid Bitcoin swaps
Flexible Fee StructureChoice of variable or fixed fees for trading
No Exchange LimitsUnrestricted trading, catering to all volumes
User-Friendly InterfaceAutomated and easy-to-navigate platform


Efficient and User-Friendly Instant Swap Crypto Exchange

Changee distinguishes itself in the crypto exchange market as a modern instant swap platform, tailored for users seeking efficiency and profitability. This exchange is renowned for offering exceptional exchange rates across a wide variety of cryptocurrency pairs, all at a minimal fee of 0.25%. Catering to those who value privacy and speed, Changee enables users to swiftly and anonymously swap top coins like BTC, ETH, USDT, and XMR. With its focus on low fees and a user-friendly interface, Changee is an ideal choice for both seasoned traders and newcomers to the crypto world.

Low Trading FeesFixed fee of 0.25% for all transactions
Top Cryptocurrency SelectionIncludes BTC, ETH, USDT, XMR, and more
No Exchange LimitsFreedom to swap without any restrictions
Privacy-FocusedAllows for anonymous and quick trading


Efficient Instant Swap Crypto Exchange with Best Rates

ChangeHero stands out as a modern instant swap crypto exchange, providing seamless and secure transactions for over 150 cryptocurrencies. The platform is designed for those who value privacy and speed, as it requires no registration or id verification for simple swaps. ChangeHero's commitment to offering competitive exchange rates, coupled with its minimal fees of 0.5%, makes it an attractive option for traders. Additionally, its user-friendly interface and robust security measures ensure safe and efficient trading experiences.

Instant Cryptocurrency ExchangeConvert Bitcoin and over 150 cryptos rapidly
Competitive RatesOptions for best rate and fixed rate exchanges
No Registration RequiredSimplified process with no account setup
Unrestricted Exchange LimitsFreedom to exchange any amount


Seamless Anonymity in Crypto Swaps

Godex stands as a beacon of privacy in the realm of crypto exchanges, specializing in instant swaps with an unwavering commitment to anonymity. This platform distinguishes itself by offering seamless, limitless trading without the need for any registration or personal information. Designed for those who value privacy above all, Godex ensures that each transaction remains confidential, providing a secure and straightforward exchange experience.

Prioritizing PrivacyNo registration or personal information required for trading
Fixed Trading FeesTransparent and consistent fee structure for all transactions
Unlimited Trading PotentialNo caps on exchange limits, offering boundless trading opportunities
Instant Swap FacilityQuick and efficient crypto exchanges
User-Friendly InterfaceSimplified trading process for both beginners and experienced traders


Effortless and Instant Crypto Swapping Experience

ChangeNOW redefines the ease of crypto swapping with its instantaneous service, offering access to over 200 coins for seamless exchange. This platform stands out for its user-friendliness, requiring no registration, and enabling quick swaps. Additionally, ChangeNOW caters to those looking to diversify their crypto portfolio, allowing the purchase of various cryptocurrencies using credit or debit cards. With its straightforward approach and a vast selection of cryptocurrencies, ChangeNOW simplifies the exchange process for both new and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

No Registration NeededJump straight into trading with no account setup
Wide Range of CryptocurrenciesOver 200 coins available for exchange
Rapid Transaction ProcessingInstant swaps for quick and efficient trading
Flexible Payment OptionsPurchase crypto with credit or debit cards
Fixed Trading FeesKnow your costs upfront with fixed fees
No Exchange LimitsTrade as much as you like without any boundaries
Purchase Limits$20,000 daily and $50,000 monthly with KYC


Effortless Instant Swap Exchange for Crypto Enthusiasts

FixedFloat carves its niche in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape with its user-friendly and efficient instant swap service. Catering to the needs of diverse crypto traders, it supports a variety of coins including BTC, ETH, and XMR. FixedFloat stands out for its commitment to user privacy, operating without any KYC requirements. The platform offers two distinct fee structures – a fixed rate and a floating rate – providing flexibility and transparency to its users.

No KYC RequirementsTrade with ease and privacy
Diverse Cryptocurrency SupportChoose from BTC, ETH, XMR, and more
Flexible Fee OptionsFixed rate at 1.0% and float rate at 0.5%
Unlimited Exchange LimitsExperience no bounds in your trading activities
User-Friendly InterfaceSimplified and intuitive platform for all users


Effortless and Private Crypto Swapping Experience

Exolix stands out in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges with its focus on providing an anonymous and seamless instant swap experience. The platform offers an extensive array of cryptocurrencies, consistently updating its selection to meet the evolving demands of the market. Known for its no-limit swaps, Exolix empowers traders with unrestricted freedom in their transactions. The exchange maintains a commitment to transparency and convenience, characterized by its fixed fee structure and no requirement for account registration, making it a go-to choice for traders who prioritize privacy and ease of use.

Commitment to AnonymityNo KYC, ensuring complete privacy in trading
Transparent Fixed FeesPredictable and straightforward fee model for all transactions
Limitless SwappingNo restrictions on the amount or number of swaps
Intuitive Trading InterfaceUser-friendly platform suitable for traders at all levels


Optimize Your Swaps with Best Rates and Speed

Swapzone revolutionizes the crypto swap experience by aggregating rates from multiple exchanges, ensuring users always get the best deals in terms of speed and cost. Connected to over 14 different exchanges, Swapzone stands as a one-stop platform for comparing rates across a vast range of over 1600 blockchain assets. Its emphasis on custody-free swaps translates to a seamless, registration-free process, upholding privacy and convenience for users.

Best Rate AggregatorEasily compare and select the best rates from multiple exchanges
No Registration RequiredCustody-free service ensuring privacy and ease
Connected to 14+ ExchangesBroad selection of exchange rates available
Low Minimum Exchange LimitsSwap as little as $2, no maximum cap
User-Friendly InterfaceSimplifies the process of finding and executing swaps


Instant, Non-Custodial Crypto Swaps – No KYC Required

LetsExchange stands out as a premier platform for instant, non-custodial crypto swaps. With no registration or KYC requirements, it offers a seamless trading experience. The platform supports over 710+ cryptocurrencies, ensuring traders have access to a wide variety of assets without any trading limits. LetsExchange is not only known for its speed but also for its flexibility in offering both fixed and floating fee rates. Additionally, it enhances user security by allowing the setting up of refund addresses prior to trade matching.

No KYC RequirementsTrade freely without identity verification
Trading FeesChoice of Floating & Fixed Rates
Exchange LimitsNo limits on trades
User ControlSet refund addresses for secure transactions


Privacy-Centric Automated Crypto Exchange

eXch.cx stands out in the cryptocurrency exchange market as an automated platform that prioritizes user privacy and simplicity. This exchange requires no registration, making it an ideal choice for those who value anonymity in their crypto transactions. eXch.cx offers privacy-oriented swaps, allowing users to exchange popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, XMR, and ETH without the platform collecting any user metadata. The straightforward fee structure, ranging from 0.5% to 1%, ensures transparency and affordability in transactions. With no exchange limits, eXch.cx caters to all levels of traders looking for a seamless and secure trading experience.

No Registration NeededEnsures complete anonymity for users
Privacy-Oriented SwapsTrade popular cryptocurrencies with privacy assurance
Transparent Fee StructureFixed trading fees between 0.5% and 1%
Unrestricted Exchange LimitsFreedom to swap without any quantity restrictions

Majestic Bank

Effortless and Private Instant Crypto Swaps

Majestic Bank offers a streamlined and secure solution for instant cryptocurrency swaps, focusing on privacy and efficiency. Catering to users who prioritize discretion in their transactions, this platform specializes in fast and reliable exchanges of popular coins like XMR, LTC, and BTC. With an average exchange time of just 24 minutes and a low conversion fee, Majestic Bank makes swapping crypto both effortless and cost-effective. The platform's commitment to user privacy and its policy of no exchange limits further enhance its appeal to those seeking a seamless and confidential trading experience.

Privacy FocusedComplete confidentiality in all transactions
Trading FeesA competitive flat fee of 0.5% per transaction
Fast Exchange ProcessAverage exchange time of about 24 minutes
No Exchange LimitsFreedom to swap as much as you want

Wizard Swap

Innovative Instant Swap with Liquidity Rewards

WizardSwap distinguishes itself in the crypto exchange market as a non-KYC, instant swap platform, perfect for those who prioritize privacy and quick transactions. Catering to a diverse crypto community, it allows users to trade popular coins like Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, and Litecoin. A standout feature of WizardSwap is the opportunity for users to offer swap liquidity, enabling them to generate passive income. This, combined with its truly anonymous nature and availability on the Tor network, makes WizardSwap a unique and appealing choice for users seeking both privacy and profitability.

No KYC RequirementsEnsures anonymity and privacy in all transactions
Passive Income OpportunitiesOffer liquidity and earn rewards
Competitive Trading FeeA flat fee of 2% on swaps
Unlimited Exchange LimitsFreedom to swap without any restrictions
Tor Network AvailabilityEnhanced privacy for users on the Tor network


A Diverse and Efficient Crypto Exchange Platform

Alfacash emerges as a notable player in the electronic money exchange landscape. This long-standing platform specializes in a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges, integrating multiple e-money services. Notably, it offers automatic conversion of Bitcoin to other currencies, catering to diverse financial needs. With $390 million already exchanged and over 650K exchange orders processed, Alfacash proves its reliability and efficiency. The platform supports 31 cryptocurrencies, ensuring a wide range of options for its users.

Versatile Exchange OptionsSupports a variety of cryptocurrencies and e-money services
Customer-FocusedEnsures beneficial exchange rates, low fees, and 24/7 support
Non-Custodial ExchangePrioritizes security and confidentiality in transactions


Effortless and Secure Crypto Exchange

CoinCraddle sets itself apart as a forward-looking cryptocurrency exchange, emphasizing user freedom, anonymity, and security. It offers an automatic and efficient platform that enables users to exchange over 400 cryptocurrency pairs at favorable rates. The platform is praised for its rapid exchange times, typically completing transactions in about 10 minutes. CoinCraddle ensures security and reliability, conducting AML checks on incoming funds and working with trusted liquidity providers. Its user-friendly interface and low commission rate of only 0.3% per exchange make it an appealing choice for both novice and experienced traders.

Fast and Automatic ExchangesUsers can expect quick transaction times, usually within 10 minutes, enhancing the trading experience
Wide Range of Supported CryptocurrenciesOffers a large selection of cryptocurrency pairs, amounting to over 400 options, catering to diverse trading needs
Low Commission RateCharges a minimal commission of only 0.3% per exchange, making it cost-effective for various transaction volumes
User AnonymityRegistration is optional, allowing users to conduct exchanges anonymously, which adds an extra layer of privacy


Streamlined and Innovative Crypto Exchange

Easybit, known for its simplicity and speed, is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange based in Cyprus. Originally Easyrabbit, it has evolved to offer instant exchanges with an average processing time of just 12 seconds per transaction. The platform is lauded for its user-friendly interface and innovative features like the Volatility Protection Mode (VPM), which combines the benefits of both floating and fixed rates. VPM automatically cancels a transaction and refunds the user if rates drop below a customizable percentage during the transaction, thus protecting users from loss due to volatility.

Rapid Transaction ProcessingEasybit is recognized for its swift transaction processing, averaging around 12 seconds, providing an efficient trading experience
Volatility Protection ModeThis unique feature offers users control over market volatility, ensuring safer transactions by combining the benefits of fixed and floating rates
Mobile SupportAlthough currently available on Google Play, the absence of an iOS app might limit accessibility for some users
Competitive FeesThe platform charges a flat fee of 0.20% for both makers and takers, with discounts available for users reaching certain VIP levels, reducing fees down to as low as 0.10%

Peer to Peer Exchanges

Peer to Peer stands for exchanges that do not hold user’s funds but rather connect buyers and sellers.


Decentralized Trading Revolutionized

Bisq heralds a new era in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges as the first fully decentralized peer-to-peer platform for fiat transactions. Renowned for its advanced approach, Bisq allows users to trade Bitcoin with national currencies without the need for identity verification, ensuring maximum privacy and accessibility. This feature positions Bisq as a unique player in the industry, appealing to those who prioritize decentralization and anonymity in their trading experiences. The platform's user-friendly interface and innovative technology make it a top choice for traders looking for a secure and autonomous way to exchange Bitcoin.

Decentralized Peer-to-Peer ExchangeA pioneering platform in the fiat exchange industry
Anonymous TradingNo ID Verification required for trading
Bitcoin and National CurrenciesTrade Bitcoin seamlessly with various national currencies
User EmpowermentOffers a high degree of autonomy and privacy
Innovative PlatformAdvanced technology for a secure and efficient trading experience

Hodl Hodl

Empowering Private and Secure P2P Bitcoin Trading

HodlHodl sets itself apart in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape as a peer-to-peer, non-custodial Bitcoin platform. This unique exchange doesn't hold users' funds, instead offering an escrow service through multi-signature wallets, facilitating secure transactions between users. A standout feature of HodlHodl is the flexibility it offers for transactions, allowing users to trade on their own terms, including the option for in-person cash exchanges. Resembling LocalBitcoins but without mandatory KYC details, HodlHodl provides users with the opportunity to trade while maintaining their anonymity.

Non-Custodial ExchangeEnsures user funds are not held by the platform
Secure Escrow ServiceUtilizes multi-signature wallets for enhanced security
No KYC RequirementsOffers the option to trade anonymously
Trading Fee StructureCompetitive trading fees of 0.6%, shared between both parties
Special Discount OfferReduced trading fees of 0.55%


Innovative P2P Cryptocurrency Trading

LocalCoinSwap emerges as a versatile and innovative peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform. It's designed to seamlessly connect people around the globe, facilitating the buying and selling of over 20 different cryptocurrencies, including mainstream options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, and Tether. The platform is renowned for its variety, offering more than 300 payment methods, making it one of the most accessible and inclusive exchanges in the market. LocalCoinSwap's non-custodial trading approach ensures that users retain control over their funds, enhancing security and trust in the platform.

Non-Custodial TradingUsers control their private keys, ensuring enhanced security
Extensive Payment OptionsMore than 300 payment methods, catering to a global audience
No KYC RequirementPrioritizes user privacy and ease of access without mandatory KYC
User-Friendly InterfaceDesigned for intuitive use, suitable for both beginners and experienced traders
Global AccessibilityAvailable to users worldwide, fostering a diverse trading community


Innovative P2P Crypto Exchange with Multicurrency Support

BitValve emerges as a promising player in the P2P cryptocurrency exchange landscape, offering multicurrency support including Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and more. This platform is designed for those seeking diversity in their crypto transactions with enhanced anonymity and security features. BitValve's competitive edge is further sharpened by its low fee structure, appealing to a broad range of users. With fees as low as 0.8% for fiat transactions and 0.35% for crypto, plus additional discounts, the platform offers an economical way to trade. The lack of withdrawal limits and no KYC requirements make BitValve a top choice for users prioritizing privacy and unrestricted trading.

Multicurrency SupportTrade a variety of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple
Enhanced Anonymity and SecurityIdeal for users who prioritize privacy in their transactions
Low Trading FeesCompetitive fees of 0.8% for fiat and 0.35% for crypto trades, with discounts
No Withdrawal LimitsFreedom to move funds without restrictions
User-FriendlyA platform designed for ease of use for traders of all levels


The Simplified Way to Trade Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer

Peach Bitcoin emerges as a unique platform in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape, especially catering to European users. It operates as a mobile application, offering a direct peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin trading experience without requiring Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance. This feature emphasizes privacy and simplicity, making it an appealing choice for users who prefer to trade without extensive identity verification processes.

Non-KYC Bitcoin TradingPeach Bitcoin enables users to buy and sell Bitcoin while maintaining their privacy, without the need for KYC compliance
User-Friendly InterfaceThe platform is known for its easy-to-navigate interface, making it accessible even to beginners.
Escrow and SecurityPeach Bitcoin uses a 2 of 2 multi-signature escrow system, providing an added layer of protection for both buyers and sellers
Multiple Payment OptionsThe platform supports various payment methods, including bank transfers and online services like Revolut and PayPal
Focus on BitcoinCurrently, Peach Bitcoin exclusively supports Bitcoin transactions


Your Gateway to Easy and Secure Cryptocurrency Transactions

Totalcoin emerges as a standout Hong Kong-based peer-to-peer exchange and online wallet service provider, catering to users seeking a straightforward and secure platform for Bitcoin transactions. With its KYC-free but phone number-required policy, Totalcoin ensures a balance of accessibility and security

User-Friendly PlatformSimplifies the buying and selling process of Bitcoin and other cryptos through a straightforward interface
Comprehensive ServicesCombines a wallet, P2P trading, and a built-in exchange for an all-in-one cryptocurrency service
Diverse Payment OptionsSupports over 100 payment methods, offering versatility for users in different regions

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