6 Best Professional Cryptocurrency Trading Terminals in 2024

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Are you seeking a method to streamline your cryptocurrency trading experience across multiple exchanges?

Professional crypto trading terminals are the answer. Providing an all-in-one platform, these software programs empower traders to manage their portfolio and trade across a multitude of cryptocurrency exchanges with ease. They are designed to cater to both newcomers dipping their toes in the crypto world and seasoned altcoin traders, who wish to effectively navigate through multiple markets simultaneously.

Efficiency: The Driving Force Behind Crypto Trading Terminals

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading, efficiency is paramount. This applies not only to transaction speed but also to tapping into arbitrage opportunities, maintaining intuitive controls, and ensuring overall simplicity. Trading terminals are architectured with these considerations in mind, ensuring that traders remain at the heart of their design and functionality.

If you're just embarking on your journey with cryptocurrency trading terminals, choosing the right one can seem daunting due to the plethora of options available.

That's why we have crafted this article—to guide you through the maze of crypto trading terminals. We will delve into each terminal available on the market, highlight their unique features, and most importantly help you understand what they have to offer.

“Knowledge is power. Understand your tools well for they shape your trade.”

For those who are newbies in cryptocurrency trading, we recommend starting with our comprehensive Trading Handbook. It's packed with invaluable insights on how to get started and thrive in the markets.

Master the Crypto Market: Your Ultimate Trading Handbook

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into exploring these professional crypto trading terminals.

Understanding Crypto Trading Terminals

Professional cryptocurrency trading terminals are, in essence, software programs. These high-tech platforms facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges, all from one centralized location. This is a significant advantage for traders who want to diversify their portfolio or capitalize on market disparities between exchanges.

But the capabilities of these trading terminals extend far beyond just providing a unified platform for trading.

Advanced Trading Features

Trading terminals typically come equipped with an array of advanced features and order types that may not be supported by the exchanges themselves. These can include:

  • Stop-loss orders: This feature allows you to set a specific price at which to sell a coin to prevent further losses.
  • Take-profit orders: This feature allows you to set a specific price at which to sell a coin to secure your profit.
  • Trailing stop orders: This feature lets you set a stop order that moves with the market price.

These features provide traders with more control over their trades and can help to automate some aspects of the trading process.

Enhanced Security

In addition to these advanced trading options, professional cryptocurrency trading terminals also offer enhanced security measures. Unlike logging into each exchange separately, which requires entering your password each time, trading terminals only require one login.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

This is achieved through the use of API Keys, which allow the terminal to connect directly with the exchanges. Essentially, an API Key gives permission for the terminal to use exchange trading features without providing direct access to your funds.

This means you won't have to reveal your exchange passwords every time you want to trade on different exchanges, reducing the risk of password theft or interception.

Simplified Trading Experience

By eliminating the need for separate logins and offering advanced trading features all in one place, crypto trading terminals simplify and streamline the trading experience. They provide an efficient and secure way for both new traders and experienced veterans to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency trading.

Remember, understanding your tools is an essential part of mastering the crypto market. With knowledge and the right tools, you can make informed decisions and strategically navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency trading.

Exploring the Best Crypto Trading Terminals

Choosing the optimal cryptocurrency trading terminal greatly depends on one's style of trading. Each terminal is tailored to meet specific requirements, and traders differ in their focus — some are inclined towards short-term trades, while others prioritize longer swing trades. This diversity necessitates a varied approach to utilizing trading terminals.

Given this context, we have taken the approach of evaluating these cryptocurrency terminals based on their feature offerings. The underlying principle is simple: the more advanced a terminal is, the higher its ranking. This way, every trader can make an informed choice between user-friendly simplicity and feature-packed platforms.

Note: Some trading terminals offer automation capabilities for your trading activities. We've dedicated a separate article to this topic which you can access here for more insights.

Now, let's delve into some of the top-performing cryptocurrency trading terminals in the market today.

5 Top-Notch Professional Cryptocurrency Trading Terminals:

1. Altrady

  • As a multi-exchange crypto trading terminal, Altrady offers advanced portfolio management across numerous exchanges by employing unique and innovative tools.

2. Coinigy

  • Coinigy stands out with its emphasis on security and extensive coverage of crypto markets. It provides traders with real-time data and alerts from over 40 exchanges.

3. 3Commas

  • 3Commas is recognized for its smart trade functions that enable users to set stop-loss and take-profit levels simultaneously, creating a fully automated trade experience.

4. HyperTrader

  • HyperTrader is known for its lightweight and high-performance application, that presents live cryptocurrency data in an organized and efficient way. It allows traders to manage their assets across different exchanges seamlessly with advanced charting features.

6. Bitsgap

  • Bitsgap is a comprehensive crypto trading terminal that provides an all-in-one solution for portfolio management, arbitrage, trading, and automated bots. It offers a unified interface across multiple exchanges, making it easier for traders to keep track of all their investments.

6. Quadency

  • Quadency is a robust crypto trading terminal that excels in offering a simplified and intuitive interface for trading, managing portfolio, and executing automated strategies across various exchanges. It is known for its user-friendly design that suits both novice traders and experienced professionals.

Remember, the key to mastering the crypto market lies in understanding your tools. With knowledge and the right selection of trading terminals, you can make informed decisions and strategically navigate the complex landscape of cryptocurrency trading.

Let's delve deeper into each trading terminal to better understand their unique features and capabilities.

1. Altrady: The Professional's Choice in Crypto Trading

Altrady is a professional multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading terminal and signal service that has been designed with advanced traders in mind.

This sophisticated platform provides a robust environment for the strategic management of multiple trading accounts across various exchanges. It offers an array of unique tools to better navigate the volatile crypto market. Among these tools is the ability to monitor portfolios and execute trades using advanced order types, such as Market, Limit, Stop Limit, Ladder, and OCO.

One standout feature is Altrady's Break-Even Calculator, which clearly delineates the amounts that need to be sold at specific levels to break even on trades. This tool is particularly beneficial for traders who employ the dollar averaging method when scaling into positions or those looking to average out their position.

Altrady also boasts a fully customizable charting toolset and unlimited alarms for real-time alerts on all popular markets, complete with unique voice popups. Additionally, it runs a separate signal service (CryptoBaseScanner), consistently ranked as one of the highest providers within different marketplaces.

In our opinion, combining Altrady's trading terminal, Signals, and smart Bitcoin bot services like 3Commas creates an optimal trading ecosystem. Advanced traders can benefit from having access to trades while they sleep and can manage them manually if necessary using advanced tools like the Break-Even Calculator and ladder orders.


**Order types: **Market, Limit, Stop Limit, Ladder, OCO.

  • Fully customizable trading terminal: Altrady offers a flexible widget toolset that can be moved and resized to fit screens of all sizes.
  • Multi-chart layout: A dedicated section for multi-chart layout allows the addition and customization of as many charts as desired.
  • Unlimited alarms: Real-time alerts for all popular markets with unique voice popups.
  • Break-even calculator: This tool calculates all necessary dollar-cost-average information, eliminating the need for extensive spreadsheets.
  • Portfolio management: A comprehensive portfolio manager displays the distribution of assets per currency and exchange.
  • Trade analytics: This feature allows users to analyze their success on a trade-by-trade basis on each market pair. Net profits and win rates are visible from one intuitive screen.
  • Multi-platform: The software is accessible on web, desktop, and mobile platforms.
  • Notes: A note widget is included for quickly jotting down trading thoughts.
  • News: A widget displays all relevant news.
Additional features:
  • Crypto Base Scanner – Signal service that sends thousands of crypto trading signals and calculates base information for each pair within the Altrady platform.
  • Exchange import – Trading history can be imported from the user's exchange of choice.
  • Coinigy import – Trades and alerts from Coinigy can also be imported.

Altrady offers several subscription plans tailored to different use cases. Each plan includes different features, allowing traders to choose what best suits their needs.

Altrady offers a 10-30% discount depending on which subscription timeframe you choose. Additionally, there's a 14-day free trial that includes access to all advanced features.


Altrady provides access to 17 of the most popular and liquid crypto exchanges.

Pros and cons:


  • The most feature-rich platform for manual trading today.
  • Original QFL signal service provider (CryptoBaseScanner)


  • None.

Experience the advanced features of Altrady by starting your free trial today!

2. Coinigy: Your One-stop Solution for Multi-exchange Crypto Trading

Coinigy is a professional multi-exchange trading portfolio management suite.

This platform has been offering some of the easiest and most reliable terminal trading and portfolio management services for altcoin traders since 2014.

As an experienced cryptocurrency trader or a novice enthusiast, you might be familiar with the challenge of managing multiple exchange accounts and wallets. Enter Coinigy, a professional-grade multi-exchange trading and portfolio management platform that has been serving altcoin traders since 2014.

With Coinigy, users can oversee their trading activities across 45+ of the most popular exchanges in the market. It consolidates your exchange portfolios and personal wallets into one intuitive screen, making it easier to track your progress and manage your assets.

Not only does Coinigy streamline portfolio management, but it also enhances your trading with advanced charting tools powered by Tradingview. These tools feature up to 75 indicators for markets that even the exchanges themselves might not offer.

To stay ahead in the fast-paced crypto world, you can set up real-time alerts that trigger SMS, E-mail & browser notifications. For those seeking more advanced capabilities, Coinigy offers a powerful API with historical data feed for individual and institutional use.


Order types: Market, Limit, Stop Limit.

In addition to basic order types, Coinigy offers several advanced features:

  • Portfolio management – Manage your exchanges and personal wallets easily using Coinigy's user-friendly interface.
  • Market overview screener – Customize this tool to quickly view a variety of markets and statistics.
  • ArbMatrix App – Spot arbitrage opportunities across multiple exchanges with this unique feature.
  • Unlimited free alerts – Set up multi-trigger crypto alerts without any limits.
  • Mobile support – Stay connected with your trading on the go – Coinigy is compatible with mobile devices.
  • Insights – Gain a quick understanding of each market's performance.
  • Notes – Jot down important trading strategies or observations as they come to mind.
Additional features:
  • Coinigy CryptoFeed – This professional cryptocurrency API consolidates all available exchanges, markets, and currencies into a single codebase.
  • Historical data – Access historical data feeds of the most popular exchanges. This service can be purchased and downloaded separately from the trading terminal.

A full-featured 7-day trial lets you experience Coinigy risk-free. After the trial period, a subscription costs $18.66/month. If you're an API developer, pricing starts from $99.99 a month.


Coinigy supports over 40+ crypto exchanges including but not limited to:

Pros and cons:


  • Clean, easy-to-navigate design.
  • Supports a wide range of exchanges.


  • Primarily built for basic trading.

Experience the full feature set with a 7-day free trial of Coinigy!

3. 3Commas: Sophisticated Trading Terminal for Seasoned Traders

3Commas - Crypto trading terminal

3Commas stands out as one of the most sophisticated trading terminals and smart botting services in the cryptocurrency market. This platform offers a unique cloud-based crypto trading botting service, specifically tailored for seasoned traders.

We've delved into this platform's automated services in a separate article titled Best Automated Smart Bitcoin Trading Bots. In this article, however, we're focusing on the manual trade management features offered by 3Commas.

Even without its automated botting services, 3Commas remains an excellent choice for advanced traders, offering affordable access to advanced trading terminals. It is also one of the select platforms that provide comprehensive tools for managing short positions. Furthermore, it includes several advanced order types and features such as a break-even calculator.


Order types:

  • Market
  • Limit
  • Conditional
  • Stop Loss
  • Take Profit
  • Trailing
  • Ladder.

Other notable features include:

  • Breakeven calculator: An automatic tool that calculates the total value of your accumulated orders.
  • Portfolio management: A simple yet intuitive screen to monitor all of your exchange funds and personal wallets.
  • Trade notifications: Stay informed with trading notifications on your desktop, mobile device, or through telegram.
  • Trading journal: A feature that allows you to chronicle your trades as they occur.
  • Mobile support: Leverage your time by managing trades on the go with mobile support.
Additional Features:

For traders interested in Automated Trading, 3Commas offers an impressive array of bots:

  • Short / Long with futures bots
  • Simple bots
  • Composite bots
  • Grid bots
  • Option bots.

3Commas is the top choice for running your trading bots.


3Commas offers a Beginner package that includes all the trading terminal features discussed above. However, if you're interested in bot-based trading, the PRO package is essential as it provides significantly more value compared to the advanced plan.

Note: 3Commas offers a 3-day full access trial to the platform.


3Commas supports a total of 14 different exchanges, including but not limited to:

Pros and Cons:


  • Best botting platform in the industry.
  • Advanced order types & management tools.


  • Bots required for advanced use.
  • Doesn't have a built-in alerting system.

Get a 10% discount on your first 3Commas subscription!

4. HyperTrader: The Modern, Efficient Terminal for Crypto Trading Professionals

HyperTrader is another potent platform for professional crypto traders seeking an edge in their trading ventures. It's a modern, clean, and efficient terminal that offers direct integration with numerous cryptocurrency exchanges.

Just like Coinigy, HyperTrader allows users to manage trades across different exchanges from one unified interface. Traders can view real-time market data, deploy advanced order types, and use powerful analytical tools to interpret market trends effectively.

However, where HyperTrader truly shines is its charting capabilities. The application provides multi-charting features, enabling traders to monitor different markets simultaneously.

Additional Features:

HyperTrader also boasts several other impressive features:

  • Market Scanner: Identify significant market movements quickly.
  • Advanced Order Types: Use stop-limit orders or scaling out of positions.
  • Portfolio Tracker: Keep track of your assets across multiple exchanges.
  • TradingView Integration: Leverage the power of TradingView's charting right within the app.


HyperTrader offers a ‘Freemium' model with limited features available for free users. To unlock the full potential of the terminal, users can opt for the Starter plan.


HyperTrader supports numerous popular exchanges including but not limited to:

Pros and Cons:


  • Excellent charting capabilities.
  • Efficient trade management across multiple exchanges.


  • Freemium model could be limiting for some users.
  • No built-in bot trading functionality.

Unleash your trading potential with HyperTrader now!

5. Bitsgap: A Unified Interface for Efficient Crypto Asset Management

Bitsgap is another robust cryptocurrency trading terminal that allows traders and investors to manage their crypto assets from one unified interface. The platform supports over 14 popular exchanges including Binance, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, and many others.

Key Features: Bitsgap's features include:

  • Arbitrage Trading: Bitsgap offers an innovative arbitrage trading feature that helps traders capitalize on price differences between different exchanges.
  • Portfolio Management: Users can track their portfolio performance across multiple exchanges in real time.
  • Trading Bots: Like other professional terminals, Bitsgap also provides automated trading bots for efficient trading.
  • Demo Trading: Bitsgap offers a demo trading feature allowing users to practice their strategies with virtual funds.

Pricing: Bitsgap provides three pricing tiers – Basic, Advanced, and Pro. Each plan offers different features based on the pricing level.

Pros and Cons: PROS:

  • Intuitive user interface suitable for both beginners and professional traders.
  • Supports a wide range of popular exchanges.
  • Offers unique features like arbitrage trading.


  • The higher-tier plans may be expensive for some users.
  • Certain advanced features are limited to the higher-tier plans.

Unleash your trading potential – Experience Bitsgap for free today!

6. Quadency: A Comprehensive Platform for Streamlined Crypto Asset Management

Quadency is a digital asset management platform that provides automated trading and portfolio management solutions for both retail and institutional traders. This platform offers a unified access to the leading crypto exchanges, along with a complete suite of sophisticated trading tools, all in one place.

Additional Features: Quadency features include but are not limited to:

  • Smart Order Routing: It optimizes order execution across multiple exchanges.
  • Portfolio Analytics: Users can track their portfolio performance across time.
  • Backtesting: Traders can backtest their strategies before executing them.
  • Trading Bots: Quadency offers a variety of automated trading bots.

Pricing: Quadency provides a comprehensive suite of services free of charge.

Exchanges: Quadency supports a wide range of popular exchanges including but not limited to:

Pros and Cons:


  • Comprehensive suite of trading tools.
  • Supports a wide range of popular exchanges.
  • Offers both manual and automated trading options.


  • The free version may be too basic for some users.
  • Certain features like advanced bot configurations are only available in the higher-tier plans.

Get Started with Quadency Today and Unleash a New Era in Your Crypto Trading Journey!

The Excitement of Cryptocurrency Markets

There is hardly a dull moment in the world of cryptocurrency markets. Unlike traditional markets that rest during weekends, the crypto market operates round the clock, evolving, growing, and changing in ways reminiscent of a wild stallion on steroids.

The characteristic volatility and dynamism of these markets are part of what makes them so alluring for traders. It's like engaging in a high-stakes game where the rules can change at any moment.

The Necessity of Crypto Trading Terminals

Given this constant flux, using crypto trading terminals becomes almost indispensable. After experiencing their capabilities and efficiency, it's almost impossible to imagine reverting to slower, more traditional methods.

Why is this so? Here are some compelling reasons:

  • Secure Access to Multiple Exchanges: With crypto trading terminals, you can access multiple exchanges simultaneously, securely. This means you can monitor different markets and seize opportunities faster.
  • New Tools and Features: These platforms provide a plethora of tools and features that enhance your ability to trade profitably. From advanced charting tools to real-time alerts and portfolio management features, they equip you with everything you need to make informed decisions quickly.

Learning More About Crypto Trading

If you're new to trading or seek deeper understanding, it would be beneficial to check our comprehensive Master the Crypto Market: Your Ultimate Trading Handbook. We've condensed vast amounts of knowledge into this guide, making it an essential resource for both novice and seasoned traders.

Remember: Trading & investing involves risks, and profits are not guaranteed!

This disclaimer serves as an important reminder that while the world of crypto trading offers significant opportunities for profit, it also comes with inherent risks. Thus, always proceed with caution and ensure you fully understand the implications of your actions.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What are professional cryptocurrency trading terminals?

Professional cryptocurrency trading terminals are advanced platforms designed to streamline the process of trading various cryptocurrencies. They often come equipped with features such as advanced trading options, enhanced security, and a simplified trading experience.

What advanced trading features do cryptocurrency trading terminals typically offer?

Cryptocurrency trading terminals typically offer advanced trading features such as multiple order types (e.g., market, limit, stop limit), conditional orders, stop loss, take profit, trailing stop orders, and more.

How do professional cryptocurrency trading terminals enhance security?

In addition to advanced trading options, professional cryptocurrency trading terminals often prioritize enhanced security measures to protect users' assets and personal information from potential threats or unauthorized access.

How does using a professional cryptocurrency trading terminal simplify the trading experience?

Professional cryptocurrency trading terminals simplify the trading experience by eliminating the need for separate logins across multiple exchanges and offering advanced tools and features within a unified interface.

What should I consider when choosing a cryptocurrency trading terminal?

When choosing a cryptocurrency trading terminal, it's important to consider factors such as the platform's supported exchanges, available features, user interface, security measures, customer support, and overall reputation within the crypto community.

What are some top professional cryptocurrency trading terminals in 2024?

Some of the top professional cryptocurrency trading terminals in 2024 include Altrady, Coinigy, 3Commas, HyperTrader, Bitsgap, and Quadency. Each of these platforms offers unique features and benefits for traders seeking efficient crypto asset management.

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