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4 Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Cash (A Guide for Cash Trades!)

Buy Bitcoin with Cash

There are multiple ways to buy Bitcoin with cash and here are the most popular options.

The first and most popular option is to use Peer to Peer Bitcoin exchanges to connect directly with buyers and sellers in your local area. This way you can choose to either meet in person, send cash by mail or simply make a bank deposit. Alternatively, you may also be able to find Bitcoin ATMs around your area and purchase using those.

Find and meet local Bitcoin traders near you.

Peer to Peer Marketplaces such as LocalBitcoins, HodlHodl, Paxful, and AgoraDesk allows for local traders to connect directly using Cash. You can find local bitcoin buyers and sellers in your country or area and start trading Bitcoin.

To purchase Bitcoin, you will register on one of the services below, browser the pages and find a trader with a good reputation, you will then discuss and negotiate your own terms, meet in person or trade through the service with a bank transfer or using some of the many other available payment methods.

Peer to Peer stands for a fact that these services do not hold your Bitcoin instead they only act as a service providers, generally speaking when you trade through the website, the platform generates an escrow service until the transaction is complete.

Lets now look at these services.


LocalBitcoins - Buy Bitcoin with  Cash

LocalBitcoins is a company based in Helsinki, Finland, founded in 2012. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace and first, and largest of it’s kind. It connects buyers and sellers to trade Bitcoins directly with various payment methods.

LocalBitcoins operates worldwide, you can find Bitcoin traders in over 7813 cities and 248 countries.

The way this platform works is buyers and sellers post independently trade advertisements with various details, prices, and requirements. The funds will be kept on an escrow service until buyers wire the money and the seller releases the funds.

To purchase Bitcoin you find a seller with a good reputation, who meets your requirements, you will then follow sellers’ instructions and purchase Bitcoin directly from them. Alternatively, you can also create your own trade advertisement, and begin selling or buying Bitcoin with your own requirements.

To get started with LocalBitcoins you simply register with your email and password, from there you will confirm your email. And after you have confirmed your email, you will be required to fill your KYC information in order to begin trading. The more information you provide about yourself the higher amounts you can trade.


While LocalBitcoins still is the world’s largest Peer to Peer exchange many users are not happy how they are nowadays requiring every piece of information about the users, which is why many people are exploring alternative platforms.

Create a LocalBitcoins account today.

Hodl Hodl

HodlHodl -  Buy Bitcoin with  Cash

HodlHodl is a peer to peer non-custodial Bitcoin exchange meaning they do not hold user’s funds. This platform provides escrow service by creating a multi-signature wallet between the users. However, users can also connect and trade in their own terms such as meeting in person use cash and so on.

This is very similar to LocalBitcoins, yet the main difference is they do not force you to fill KYC information details, therefore giving you the option to stay anonymous.

Another huge difference with HodlHodl is that since they do not require KYC information, users also tend to trade using more payment methods, such as other cryptocurrencies, various banks, and all kinds of different e-money services.

To buy Bitcoin with cash, you will simply follow sellers’ instructions but make sure you’ll find a reputable seller with a good rating and reviews, or alternatively create your own trade instructions and begin operating the way you choose.

Of course, users can also discuss and negotiate their own terms, connect in person make purchases using physical cash and other various anonymous currencies and methods.

That being said HodlHodl is our #1 choice and favorite way to trade Bitcoin with other locals using cash. To get started with HodlHodl you register with your email and password, from there you will simply confirm your email, and begin trading. However, it is recommended you activate some security measures as well such as F2A.

Register on HodlHodl and receive an exclusive discount on trading fees.


Paxful - Buy Bitcoin with  Cash

Paxful is a Peer to Peer exchange connecting buyers and sellers directly with over 300 payment methods to choose from. This platform lets users buy bitcoins with bank transfer, gift cards, Paypal, Alipay, Cash, digital currencies and many more.

Paxful is very unique in the sense that it’s the most popular platform when it comes to purchasing Bitcoin with gift cards, and gift cards happen to be also the most popular payment option within Paxful users. Of course, users can also use any of the other unique payment methods such as Cash By Mail.

This platform similar to other exchanges listed above uses a reputation system where users can rate, and review sellers and buyers making it possible to identify good and bad actors.


Paxful doesn’t require KYC documents but this also means users are limited to certain types of payment methods. Cash may require Identity verification, for example, but a lot of this also depends on the seller’s instructions and requirements.

To get started with Paxful you simply register with your email and password, from where you will confirm that email, and you are ready to log in. From there you can instantly start trading with gift cards and other options, alternatively, you may fill some information about yourself to gain larger access to trading methods.

All in all, Paxful is really amazing experience to purchase Bitcoin, the community is so large and offers an enormous amount of different payment methods that it is certain anyone can Buy Bitcoin one way or another.

Become a Paxful trader and purchase Bitcoin using cash or a variety of other methods.


AgoraDesk is a peer to peer crypto exchange designed for true anonymity. The exchange offers a variety of benefits over LocalBitcoin & Hodlhodl such as cash by mail, no KYC, noJS mode, Tor, and I2P and not even email is needed for registering. The platform is by far one of the most secure ways to purchase & sell Bitcoin anonymously.

If you ever wondered how to invest in Bitcoin without having to reveal all the valuable information that belongs to no one except you, purchasing Bitcoins through AgoraDesk is what you want to look for. You can buy BTC instantly from multiple different payment methods, from Paypal, gift cards, cash by mail, and many others.

To get started with AgoraDesk, all you need is head to the website and create an account, not even email is required, however, it might be wise to use one for security reasons. but for true anonymity, we suggest leaving it out or using encrypted email services.

After you have created your account and secured it properly using F2a, you can either scroll offers, create your own, or deposit some bitcoin for escrow.

The best part of AgoraDesk however is it’s the ability to connect people physically, you can find local sellers and buyers willing to trade Bitcoin with cash, or by using cash by mail.

Whether you are just looking peer to peer exchanges or a new LocalBitcoin alternatives that respect your privacy and security while providing extremely smooth services, AgoraDesk is at top of its game, and right now it is by far the most technologically advanced and secure peer to peer exchange in town.

Sign up on AgoraDesk for free!

Find the nearest Bitcoin ATM.

Bitcoin ATMs work like a regular one, they allow a person to exchange bitcoins and cash and can be a great solution when you want to Buy Bitcoin anonymously with cash. However, Bitcoin ATM can have limitations such as a daily withdraw limit that people can buy, most ATMs have a daily limit of around 2.000$ to rare 10.000$ Dollars. Some Bitcoin ATMs may also require things like phone numbers, or identities.

You can find the closest ATM easily, using Coin ATM Radar, a Bitcoin ATM map.

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