Cobo Tablet | Impressive Cold Storage Solution (2023 Review)

Cobo Tablet is an impressive offline cold storage solution designed for keeping your private keys physically secure and safe. (2022 Review!)

The Cobo Tablet is an impressive offline cold storage solution for keeping your private keys safe and physically secure. At BitShills we managed to get our hands on this beauty so check out how it survived our tests with our full review.

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  • What's In the box?
  • Design
  • Setup
  • Test
  • Conclusion

What's In the box?

What's In The Box? - Cobo Tablet Review

After opening the box, you'll notice right away the Cobo steel tablet, four steel sheets of alphabets, each row containing the same letter 10 times. And on top of this, the box also contains a screwdriver, extra screws, instructions, discounts, and some stickers.


Design - Cobo Tablet Review

To be honest, before I was even able to get the box open, the heaviness of the tablet surprised me positively. Which I thought at the time must definitely speak for the quality of the product.

The design of the product is quite sleek, to begin with, you'll open the box and find this heavy steel tablet, the box weighs almost half a kilo, so that definitely says something. After opening the box, you will find pretty much everything you need, the instructions are simple, the box includes mini grip for the used sheets and screws. The sheets are hard-pressed, and not just paint, so I'd expect them to survive quite well from the fire as well. However, in our opinion, the packet does miss a lock that is supposedly designed to be used in the hole to lock the product itself, yet it's not a huge deal since those are cheap, and can usually be found laying around houses most of the time.

All in all, the design of the product is something we admire, it's simple, sleek, and doesn't include anything unnecessary, even the logo is not too overwhelming in such a way that it still keeps the product from revealing what it contains.


Setup - Cobo Tablet Review

To get started setting up the Cobo Tablet, you will first start by unscrewing three screws from each corner using the screwdriver included in the box.

After you've done this, you can choose the layout of the words you desire to secure, The Cobo tablet has two separate tablets, which means there are together place for up to 24 words. And of course, normally this would be the seed, or the 12 words recover phrase, however, in our case, to test our product we will use a simple two-word combination of “best cobo”.

After you have removed and inserted the word combination of your choice within the tablet, you can shield the product.

Note: the Cobo Tablet, requires you to use 4 letter words.



What would steel wallet review be like without a proper test of the product?

And this is exactly what we decided to do.

To begin we insert the steel tablet directly on the fire inside our wood stove which we use to warm our house, we then left the product there for many hours.

And of course, after multiple hours, the Cobo Tablet survived just fine.

(I also ended up burning my fingers during the process).

Cobo Tablet still warm, after the fireproof test.

Cobo tablet review – conclusion

To conclude this review we would like to say that we truly found Cobo Tablet to be very impressive product, the table is solid and has the right quality to it, as can also be seen from the testing above, the price is cheaper than many of the competitors such as Billfodl and Cryptosteel. However, if we were to design this piece, we would add a separate lock to it, because sending a product without all the proper pieces for its function just doesn't feel complete. That being said Cobo Tablet is still definitely something we could easily recommend to every crypto enthusiast in the space.

Buy Cobo Tablet Now!

Cobo also provides a range of other cryptocurrency protection tools such as their flagship product “Cobo Vault“, which is all in one Bitcoin private key wallet solution.

The complete Cobo Vault pack includes everything from hardware device to stainless steel cold storage tablet. The hardware device itself is completely air gapped meaning it eliminates all the possibilities for hackers to use technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, USB and so on, and instead, it uses QR codes to confirm transactions.

Full Disclosure: The tablet was provided by Cobo for the purpose of the review.

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