CoinKit for Beginners: Pioneering the Future of Cryptocurrency Tipping

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CoinKit: The Dominating Crypto Tipping Bot

CoinKit is an easy-to-use tipping bot that enables users on Slack, Telegram, Discord, and Twitter to send a variety of coins to each other through messages and tweets. To start tipping with CoinKit, you must first deposit some coins into your CoinKit account.

Creating a CoinKit account with Twitter is super easy. Simply send a private message to @coinkit_. The CoinKit bot will then be automatically configured on your Twitter account, allowing you to manage the CoinKit bot through the private message window.

Once you have sent your first private message to @coinkit_, you can start tipping! To do this, simply create a new tweet or reply to a comment with a message using the command @coinkit_** tip [coin]**, which sends the user a tip.

@Chekaz_ - The Creator of CoinKit
@Chekaz_ – The Creator of CoinKit

Be sure to write the exact command without any additional text after @coinkit_, or else your tips won't work!

@mirraFTC - large CoinKit tipper.
@mirraxFTC is well-known as the largest CoinKit tipper around, so make sure to give him a follow!

For tips within Slack, Telegram, and Discord, use the command /tip @username.

Users can also utilize different commands for multiple purposes, such as checking price conversions, channel tipping, tweet monetization, or even playing rock-paper-scissors.

Main Features

  • On-chain transactions
  • Multiple coins supported
  • Free to use, easy to set up
  • Straightforward customization

How to Use CoinKit with Examples

Here we have included some of the main features with examples using Slack:

Deposit Coins

Use the command /deposit to find your deposit address.


Withdraw Coins

The command /withdraw followed by the desired amount and address withdraws coins to a specified address.

/withdraw <address> <amount>

Check Balance

The command /balance displays your current balance, including both confirmed and unconfirmed funds.


Tip User

The command /tip @username sends the user a tip.

/tip <@username> <amount>

Check Price

Use the command /price [coin] to display the current price for the default or specified coin.

/price [coin]

Help & View All Commands

To see the introduction and all available commands, use the command /tiphelp or simply help via Twitter.

Please note that the Twitter menu and features may slightly differ from those on other platforms.

@Chekaz_ - The Creator of CoinKit
How CoinKit Looks via Twitter Private Message

Giveaway & Tweet Monetization

The command @coinkit_ mon [coin] can be used to give away a specific amount of coins for a specific number of retweets.

For example, you can choose to give away 1 TZC to up to 1000 people. As shown in the example, there are still hundreds of coins left to be claimed.

Whenever you send monetized tweets correctly, you will receive a confirmation reply from CoinKit, similar to the one shown in the picture. If you don't see such a message, it indicates that something went wrong.

@Chekaz_ - The Creator of CoinKit
A similar confirmation message with the keyword included.

Note that if a monetized tweet has a “keyword” included, to be eligible for rewards, the retweets must include a comment that also contains the keyword.

Tips & Tricks

For awesome stats, check the CoinKit dashboard.

@Chekaz_ - The Creator of CoinKit
CoinKit dashboard includes plenty of other interesting charts as well.

At the time of writing, CoinKit has been experiencing a significant rise in new users, with total monthly tips in December reaching up to 229,171.

To view separate stats for each tweet, check the transparency records.

If you use the Twitter search tool and search @coinkit_ mon, you can view all the tweets that are currently running or have run giveaways in the past 24 hours.

CoinKit - Twitter search

To ensure smooth transactions, it is essential to consider the minimum tip amounts and network fees:

Note: CoinKit does not charge any additional fees beyond the network fees.

  • TZC: Min Tip Amount: 0.5, Monetized Min Amount: 1, Default Fee: 0.25
  • BNB: Min Tip Amount: 0.001, Monetized Min Amount: 0.001, Default Fee: 0.000375
  • NXS: Min Tip Amount: 0.1, Monetized Min Amount: 0.01, Default Fee: 0.01
  • UFO: Min Tip Amount: 0.2, Monetized Min Amount: 1, Default Fee: 0.2
  • FTC: Min Tip Amount: 0.2, Monetized Min Amount: 1, Default Fee: 0.2
  • DGB: Min Tip Amount: 0.1, Monetized Min Amount: 1, Default Fee: 0.01
  • DOGE: Min Tip Amount: 5, Monetized Min Amount: 5, Default Fee: 1.04
  • QTUM: Min Tip Amount: 0.02, Monetized Min Amount: 0.02, Default Fee: 0.01
  • TUBE: Min Tip Amount: 0.01, Monetized Min Amount: –, Default Fee: 0.01
  • PIVX: Min Tip Amount: 0.001, Monetized Min Amount: 0.01, Default Fee: 0.0004
  • ARK: Min Tip Amount: 0.1, Monetized Min Amount: 0.1, Default Fee: 0.008

Most of CoinKit's functionality operates through private messages visible only to you across platforms like Slack, Telegram, and Discord.

For more examples and details on implementing CoinKit on Slack, Telegram, and Discord or to learn more about its features, visit the CoinKit Wiki.

CoinKit Membership Listing

To get your project or coin listed on the CoinKit tipping bot, please fill out the application.

Full Disclosure: BitShills has an affiliate partnership with CoinKit.

If you found this information useful, use code Bit_3NHA while applying. Thank you!

CoinKit Membership Benefits:

  • Seamless Integration: Incorporate your cryptocurrency coin or token effortlessly.
  • Multi-Channel Compatibility: Engage on Slack, Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.
  • Unlimited User Support: Accommodate an unlimited number of users across all channels.
  • Premium Support: Enjoy direct access to support and developer assistance.
  • Custom Features: Receive limited bespoke features annually.
  • Coin Audits: Ensure credibility with possible audits of your coins.
  • Insurance Coverage: Coins are insured up to the yearly membership fee.

Note: Paid membership not only unlocks the full potential of CoinKit's tipping bot but also acts as a quality filter, ensuring that only reputable projects participate.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is CoinKit?

CoinKit is an easy-to-use tipping bot that enables users to make on-chain transactions, supports multiple coins, and is free to use.

How do I deposit coins using CoinKit?

To deposit coins, use the command /deposit to find your deposit address.

How can I withdraw coins with CoinKit?

To withdraw coins, use the command /withdraw followed by the desired amount and address.

How do I check my balance with CoinKit?

To check your balance, use the command /balance to display your current balance, including all supported coins.

How can I tip another user using CoinKit?

To tip another user, use the command /tip @username to send the user a tip in the supported cryptocurrency coin.

How do I check the current price of a cryptocurrency coin using CoinKit?

To check the current price of a cryptocurrency coin, use the command /price [coin] to display the current price for that specific coin.

How can I view all available commands and get help with CoinKit?

To see the introduction and all available commands, use the command /help to get assistance with using CoinKit.

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