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20 Best Bitcoin Network Data Providers in 2023 (Ranked By Readers!)

There are a loads of different network statistics, and metrics available that can give better outlook on different aspects of the Bitcoin network. Some of these statistics include: mining difficulty, number of daily transactions, current and past block rewards, the flow of Bitcoin, and even the ability to view average daily fees, prices and more.

Use the filtered links below to quickly find the top-ranking services on each category.

CryptoQuant is a premium on-chain data analytics platform. Where users can find various information about how Bitcoin flows from different entities to exchanges and services, and with its own unique indicators, and network statistics.

Know Your Coin Privacy (KYCP) is a web browser-based online privacy explorer tool, that lets users visually inspect the entire history of their coin’s privacy using a single UTXO.

Intotheblock or simply ITB is an AI-based cryptocurrency on-chain analytics platform. ITB can provide insights about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets in a way that everyone can understand. Some of these ITB indicator categories include metrics such as Ownership, Financial, Network, and Social.

CoinMetrics is an advanced Bitcoin network on-chain analytics platform. The platform provides hundreds of different metrics and charts everything from addresses, economics, exchanges, fees and revenues, mining, network usage, supply, and more. combines multiple different Bitcoin fee charts for easy viewing. Some of the examples include Segwit spending payments, transactions per day, transaction versions, time-based time locks, blocks per day, and more.

Bitnodes is a global map of reachable Bitcoin nodes ranked by distribtution and different countries.

Mempool Observer shows a quick view of unconfirmed transactions waiting to be including in a block.

Mempool is a simple yet advanced Bitcoin mempool watcher, that shows everything from blocks, unconfirmed transactions, average transactions, average transaction fees, to tx bytes per second, and more.

Clark Moody Bitcoin is an unique singe page view of all the whole Bitcoin network statistics.

Coin Dance is a popular Bitcoin statistic website that shows everything from prices, volumes, blocks, and different forked node versions.

Earn Bitcoin provides Bitcoin mempool transaction fee predictions in a simple easy to understand approach.

Bitcoinal is a funny looking Bitcoin charting platform, with memes, and a variety of Bitcoin stats, everything from on-chain fees to mining hash rate, total nodes, lightning channels, and more.

Whalemap is a new cryptocurrency charting platform and indicator. It provides a unique perspective on a variety of metrics, such as Map of unspent Bitcoins, Volume profile, Changes in holdings, Hodler volumes, Map of spent Bitcoins, and more.

TradeBlock is a live blockepxlorer for Bitcoin and Ethereum, and a tool to view latest blocks, and observe the mempool. is one of the most popular wallets, and statistic websites in the industry.

Bitcoin Optech offers something called Compatibility Matrix, which simply is a simple one-page website to see which wallets are compatible with each other. It ranks wallets based on address types, and whether wallets have receiving, or sending support.

CryptoFees gives a simple and quick outlook into a multiple different crypto projects with average daily and weekly fees. Although not perfect, it is still a useful way to get perspective of how each project are performing, as fees are directly related to user activity on the chain. is a blockchain data focused service platform featuring everything from exchanges, mining pools, rich lists, to comprehensive charts, and visualization tools.

BiTBO offers a quick view of all the data in the Bitcoin ecosystem. You can find everything from Bitcoin market stats, blockchain stats, mining stats, fee estimates, Bitcoin treasuries, bitcoin nodes, Lightning Network stats, and more, all from one intuitive dashboard.

Crypto51 ranks cryptocurrencies based on theoretical cost of 51% attack on each network.

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