Boost Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio: Earn Crypto Effortlessly While Browsing the Web

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Maximize Your Cryptocurrency Earnings: Earn Crypto While You Browse

In the fast-paced cryptocurrency world, unique projects are emerging that offer a range of passive income opportunities. Two platforms in particular stand out – Brave and Presearch. These innovative tools allow you to earn free Bitcoin while performing routine online tasks such as searching and browsing.

The Brave Browser and Presearch Search Engine: A Powerful Pairing

The Brave Browser is more than just a tool for navigating the internet. It offers a built-in ad-blocking feature and gives users an option to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), simply by using the browser. Users have the power to choose if they want the browser to anonymously monitor their attention.

On the other hand, the Presearch search engine incentivizes users with PRE tokens simply for performing online searches. It's an easy way to earn while exploring the vast expanse of the internet.

Here's how you can start earning Bitcoin by combining these two platforms:

  1. Download and Install Brave Browser: This step is straightforward. Navigate to the official Brave website, download the installation file, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Create an Account for Presearch: Visit the Presearch website, click on ‘sign up', and fill in your details to create your account.
  3. Combine Both Platforms: Make Presearch your default search engine on Brave for a seamless browsing experience that rewards you in crypto.

In the following sections, we delve deeper into each project, providing detailed step-by-step guides on how to maximize your earnings by combining both tools.

Interesting fact: The Brave Browser was created by Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and creator of JavaScript!

Remember, using these platforms does not require any special skills or knowledge about cryptocurrencies. All you need is a desire to explore the digital world and an interest in growing your cryptocurrency portfolio. Happy browsing!

Brave Browser: Revolutionizing Web Browsing & Privacy

Brave Browser - Earn Free Bitcoin Browsing The Internet

Introducing Brave: A New Kind of Browser

Brave is an innovative web browser specifically designed for the cryptocurrency era. It shares many similar features with other browsers, such as the ability to navigate websites, run web-based applications, and display online content. Just like most browsers, it's free to download and use.

The unique selling proposition of Brave lies in its inherent commitment to user privacy and revenue generation. Unlike typical browsers that track every move without any compensation for users, Brave brings a radical shift to this paradigm.

Built-In Ad Blocking & User Privacy

One of the standout features of Brave is its built-in ad blocking technology. This feature ensures an uninterrupted browsing experience, free from annoying ads. Furthermore, the browser incorporates an advanced authentication system that keeps track of the sites you've visited without revealing this information to any third party.

This functionality empowers users with a choice: whether or not they want to allow anonymous tracking of their browsing habits. Users who opt for tracking can enjoy revenue generated by their attention, making it a win-win situation for privacy concerned individuals.

Interesting Fact: Brave was created by Brave Software, co-founded by Brendan Eich – the creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla Firefox!

Earn Cryptocurrency While You Browse

Brave doesn't just offer privacy – it also provides a unique opportunity to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) cryptocurrency. With every ad that you choose to view, you're rewarded with BAT tokens, effectively monetizing your attention and time spent on the internet.

Getting Started with Brave Browser

Starting your journey with Brave is straightforward:

  1. Visit the official Brave website,
  2. Download the browser compatible with your platform,
  3. Install the browser following on-screen instructions.

Once installed, you can start using it right away or choose to customize settings according to your preferences. The browser also allows easy importing of bookmarks and settings with just a single click.

In essence, getting started with Brave is as easy as pie. If you can browse this article, you can effortlessly set up and use Brave, enjoying the benefits of privacy protection and earning free cryptocurrency rewards along the way.

Download Brave Browser!

Presearch: A Revolutionary Decentralized Search Engine

Presearch Search Engine - Earn Free Bitcoin Browsing The Internet

Introducing Presearch – An Open, Decentralized Search Engine

Presearch is not your conventional search engine. It's an open, decentralized platform that rewards its users and community members with Presearch tokens (PRE) for their contributions and promotion of the platform.

The world wide web is vast, and search engines serve as gateways to this extensive digital universe. In a world thriving on information and technology, it's only fair that there exists an alternative search engine that is transparent, open, and community-inclusive in product development.

“The few have never controlled the information flow for so many like they do today.”

This is where Presearch comes into play. The platform is a perfect fit for those seeking unbiased search results and a secure gateway to the internet.

The Presearch Difference

Unlike Google and other major search engines that, despite their years of operation and seemingly unlimited resources, continue to be ambiguous about data usage practices, Presearch stands as a beacon of transparency.

These major organizations have increasingly become more secretive about data usage. However, Presearch takes a different path by being open about its operations. Its motives are clear – to make the internet a better place for everyone.

Transparent Advertising System

Notably, Presearch funds its operations through a transparent advertising system. This setup enables advertisers to bid on keywords and sponsor results. Advertisers can purchase these ads using PREs via auction. This practice encourages engagement within the ecosystem.

Getting Started with Presearch Search Engine

Kickstarting your journey with Presearch is as easy as making a choice. Here's how you can get started:

  1. Switch your default search engine to Presearch.
  2. To earn rewards from your searches, you will need to create an account. This step enables the system to recognize who should receive rewards for searches.

You can perform both actions on the Presearch website.

Sign up on Presearch Search Engine Today!

Join the community and experience a new way to traverse the world wide web with Presearch.

Combining the Two: Brave Browser and Presearch Engine

Integrating the Brave browser with the Presearch search engine can feel like a breeze. It's easy and straightforward, taking just a few seconds to configure. The process involves three simple steps:

  1. Download and set up Brave Browser
  2. Register on Presearch
  3. Make Presearch your default search engine on the Brave Browser

Let's dive deeper into these steps.

Downloading and Setting Up Brave Browser

To start off, you need to download and install the Brave browser. It's a free and open-source web browser that prioritizes privacy and security. It also integrates with cryptocurrency systems, allowing you to earn tokens for browsing.

Registering on Presearch

Next, you need to register on Presearch, an open, decentralized search engine that rewards its users with PRE tokens for searching.

To get started:

  1. Launch your Brave browser and navigate to settings.
  2. Locate the “Search engine” tab which is found on the left side of the panel.
  3. Here, you have an option to add other search engines.
Brave Browser

At this point, you will find a form where you need to provide details about your new search engine:

  1. Search engine title: Name it “Presearch”.
  2. Keyword: Choose a unique keyword that will trigger this specific search engine.
  3. URL: Paste this URL:
  4. This URL will be used when you perform searches using this specific search engine.

Once you've finished editing these settings:

  1. Click save.
  2. Navigate back to the “Search engine” settings.
  3. Select your newly added search engine (“Presearch”) to become the default for your Brave browser.
Presearch Search Engine

You should now have Presearch as your default search engine on the Brave browser. Test it out by searching for something. If everything was set up correctly, you will see the Presearch logo on the left side every time a new search is performed.

Just remember, to earn rewards from your searches, you must be logged in to your Presearch account.

Congratulations! You've just successfully set up two new passive cryptocurrency income sources. You can now keep your profits either in BAT & PRE tokens or convert them into Bitcoin. It's a simple way to start earning from your regular internet browsing activities.

Step-by-Step Guide: Converting Browsing Profits into Bitcoin

As you accumulate BAT and PRE tokens through your browsing activities, you might want to convert these profits into Bitcoin. Each token has a unique conversion method that you need to follow. This guide will walk you through the process for both BAT and PRE tokens.

1. Converting BAT Tokens into Bitcoin

To convert your BAT tokens into Bitcoin, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log into your Brave browser with your credentials.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Brave wallet section by clicking on the reward icon at the top right corner of your browser.
  • Step 3: If you haven't done so already, verify your BAT wallet. This step is necessary to allow transactions from your wallet.
  • Step 4: Once your wallet is verified, log into your Uphold account. Uphold is the official partner of Brave for cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Step 5: In the Uphold dashboard, find and click on the option that allows automatic conversion of rewards into Bitcoin.

By following these steps, every reward that gets transferred to your BAT wallet will automatically be converted into Bitcoin.

2. Converting PRE Tokens into Bitcoin

The process of converting PRE tokens into Bitcoin involves a few more steps as compared to BAT tokens:

  • Step 1: Verify that you have at least 1000 PRE tokens in your account. The minimum withdrawal limit set by Presearch is 1000 tokens.
  • Step 2: Once you meet this threshold, navigate to a cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade PRE tokens for Bitcoins. There are several reputable crypto exchanges available online.
  • Step 3: We recommend KuCoin as your exchange platform. KuCoin is one of the most liquid exchanges for PRE tokens, meaning that it has a high volume of trading activity, which can lead to better prices and faster transactions.
  • Step 4: Create an account or log in if you already have one. Transfer your PRE tokens from your Presearch account to your KuCoin account.
  • Step 5: Once the tokens are in your KuCoin account, navigate to the trading section and select the PRE/BTC trading pair.
  • By following these steps, you can easily convert your PRE tokens into Bitcoin. Remember that while this guide simplifies the process, the world of cryptocurrency involves some risk. Always be sure to perform your own due diligence when engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.


As we've explored, the combination of Brave Browser and Presearch offers a unique opportunity to earn cryptocurrency while you browse. While the process may seem complex at first, with time and patience, you can master this method and even expand your crypto-earning activities.

The Importance of Privacy and Security

In this digital era, privacy and security should never be overlooked—especially when dealing with cryptocurrencies. Brave is a browser that claims to prioritize these aspects. However, even with such assurances, every crypto enthusiast should consider using VPN. This tool ensures your internet browsing remains private and secure when transacting in cryptocurrencies.

Remember: A Crypto VPN is not just a nice-to-have—it's essential for anyone serious about maintaining their privacy while dealing in cryptocurrencies.

Brave and Presearch

Brave and Presearch are two projects that stand out in the world of crypto for several reasons:

  1. Impact on Everyday People: These projects are not just about technology—they're about people. They aim to make blockchain technology accessible and beneficial for everyday users.
  2. Bridging the Gap: They play a crucial role in connecting the general population with blockchain technology, simplifying what can often be a complex field.

However, remember that in the world of cryptocurrency, knowledge is power. Understanding how these systems work will set you up for success and help mitigate potential risks. For more resources on mastering cryptocurrency, check out the Path to Crypto Mastery: Every Step Explained on BitShills. This comprehensive guide will provide you with invaluable insights into the world of cryptocurrency.

Happy browsing and trading!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Brave Browser?

Brave Browser is a new kind of browser that revolutionizes web browsing and privacy. It offers a built-in ad blocking feature and prioritizes user privacy.

How can I earn cryptocurrency while browsing with Brave Browser?

Brave Browser allows users to earn cryptocurrency effortlessly while browsing the web. It provides a unique opportunity to maximize cryptocurrency earnings through its innovative features.

What is Presearch?

Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that aims to provide an alternative to major search engines like Google. It operates with transparency and offers a transparent advertising system.

How do I convert BAT tokens into Bitcoin?

To convert your BAT tokens into Bitcoin, you can follow a step-by-step guide that outlines the process for converting your browsing profits into Bitcoin.

How can I integrate Brave Browser with Presearch search engine?

Integrating the Brave browser with the Presearch search engine involves downloading and setting up the Brave browser, registering on Presearch, and making Presearch your default search engine on Brave.

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