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How to Earn While You Learn Using Crypto And BitDegree

How to earn while you learn using cryptocurrencies and BitDegree.

BitDegree is a blockchain educational platform that offers online courses and rewards through the gamified online experience. The platform has hundreds of courses to choose from, which mainly focus on digital computing skills such as Blockchain development.

Bitdegree started as an ICO in 2017, it has it’s own native cryptocurrency token, and it’s the world’s first blockchain-focused education online courses service platform.

The platform is extremely useful for today’s younger generation as it’s not only teaching and helping to jump-start their career paths, but it is also offering smart cryptocurrency incentive-based gamification that rewards learners for progressing in the platform.

And the cryptocurrency rewards that students earn after completing the courses can then be used to pay for goods and services on the platform.

Therefore the online blockchain gaming approach is what makes BitDegree totally unique against all other competitors, as it gives the students a chance to earn while they learn with their own cryptocurrency token.

Being a blockchain-based platform, it stores the students’ educational records and achievements on a blockchain database. This is revolutionary as it’s giving both employers and students an easily accessible profile that shows what courses and how many students have taken.

The system will help to connect employers with potential workers, and it enables anyone whether it’s a company or person to issue cryptocurrency-based scholarships to the learners. Students then who enroll in such opportunities with a portfolio full of achievements of course stand a higher chance of being hired.

And the best part of all this is, it’s all FREE to get started with!

As the BitDegree has a high focus on gamification and making learning a rewarding experience, it offers plenty of different free certifications that are available to all students in order to help them stay ahead of the game.

So what can you actually learn for free on the platform? – the answer is, almost anything!


To access the courses offered on BitDegree for free, you will first sing up for an account on their website. The signing up process is fast, and all that is required is an email address.

Once you create an account, you are able to see a list of the courses on the left-hand side under the heading “Topics”. The courses are grouped into nine categories that include Blockchain, Business, Coding & Programming, Community Votes, Data Science, Design, IT Security & Software, Marketing, and Personal Development.

If you click on any of these categories, you will see a drop-down list of all the courses contained under the specific category.

Here are some examples of totally free courses that are available to everyone:

  1. Absolute Guide: Linux Tutorial for Beginners
  2. How to Do Online Trading: A Complete Newbie Guide
  3. Learn HTML5 and CSS3 to Build a HTML5 Website from Scratch
  4. Learn Solidity with Space Doggo: an Interactive Solidity Tutorial

Using BitDegree to earn while you are learning

To earn & learn about anything with BitDegree, simply start by clicking one of the categories.

After choosing a category, you will get a list of all the courses on that category and their price tags as well as the rating by other users. Next to the rating, there is a number in brackets that show the number of people that have rated that specific course.

To fine-tune your search on the courses, you can select the skill level (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced) and also select the rating (3.0 & up, 4.0 & up, or 4.5 & up).

Once you identify the specific blockchain course you want to enroll in, click the ‘Start Learning Now’, or ‘Buy Now’ button (depending on whether free or paid course) that appears when you move the cursor over the price tag.

You are then directed to the course page where you can see the rewards at the top. The rewards can be in the form of BitDegree tokens, or a certificate or both.


You can also see the number of students that have enrolled for the same course.

Most importantly is to note the number of lessons to go through. The lessons are in the form of videos and you can peruse through their titles to see if the course tackles what you are looking for before making the purchase or enrolling on the course.


There is also always a description of the course, and an about section of the instructor to help you understand more about their experience and the course itself. Below those, you find requirements for the course, and course reviews you can read from other people.


If you are satisfied with everything you see about the course, then go ahead start by learning for free, or if it’s paid course, make the payments to be able to go through all the lessons.

BitDegree accepts all regular old payment methods such as VISA, and Mastercard, but its mainly operating through cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Alternatively, if you choose to use their own BDG cryptocurrency, you can get an additional 20% discount. And if you use the tokens earned while learning on the BitDegree platform you can make that discount up to 50% when paying for any course on the platform!

If you want to purchase some BDG tokens to get started with some of the paid courses on the platform, the best exchanges BitDegree tokens can be bought from are HitBTC, and IDEX.

So what are you waiting for!?, it’s time to start earning while you are learning!

Sign up, and enroll on courses for free!

Related & Notes

By now you should have a pretty clear picture of why BitDegree is so amazing platform for both students and businesses, not only can employers find the best talent needed for their job, but the people enrolling on courses can also have some of the greatest opportunities.

At BitShills we are huge fans of all projects that teach people about different aspects of cryptocurrencies, because the decentralized world that is more fair and prosperous can only be achieved through embracing the skills we all can achieve, and this is what BitDegree does really well.

At the time of writing, there are over 1,712,000+ students enrolled on different courses, and in our opinion, BitDegree is on a clear path towards truly amazing journey and success within the cryptocurrency industry, not only it is challenging the status quo of the other course platforms, but it is also changing the way we think learning altogether.

If you want to learn more here’s a short video of the platform that you can also watch:

Here’s also some other cryptocurrency projects you might find interesting:

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