18 Leading Multi-Currency Crypto Wallets for Asset Management in 2023

Multi-currency crypto wallets are a cornerstone of digital asset management, offering enhanced security and streamlined handling of diverse cryptocurrencies. As the crypto landscape evolves, holding a variety of digital assets has become the norm for seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

The convenience of multi-currency wallets lies in their ability to consolidate management under one roof – one wallet, one set of keys, multiple currencies. This not only reduces your attack surface but also simplifies your crypto life significantly.

To assist in your selection, we’ve assembled an expansive list of the finest multi-currency wallets available. These wallets have been carefully reviewed and are listed based on reader feedback, ensuring you get real opinions from real users.

Please note: Our list focuses on open-source wallets for their transparency and security, moving away from the often recommended closed-source options that dominate other sites.

Optimize Your Crypto: Top 10 Multi-Currency Wallets

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    Complete Multi-Currency Wallet Rankings for Holistic Management

    Keystone (Previously Cobo) is all in one Bitcoin hardware wallet solution for those who are serious about safeguarding their cryptocurrencies. The complete Keystone Vault pack includes everything from hardware device to stainless steel cold storage tablet. The hardware device itself is completely air gapped meaning it eliminates all the possibilities for hackers to use technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, USB, and so on, and instead, it uses QR codes to confirm transactions. And the stainless steel cold storage memory tablet can resist natural incidents such as fire, water, and shocks.

    To learn more read both of our reviews written about Cobo:

    Ledger Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

    Ledger is a hardware wallet manufacturer that offers some of the lowest-priced devices in the market. Their software offers a wide variety of services from multi wallets to managing, tracking and trading your coins. This is a great choice for anyone just starting out with hardware wallets.


    Trezor was the first hardware wallet manufacturer in the world. They released their flagship product in 2013, and since then have come up with a bunch of new devices and products to store, manage and trade your coins. Trezor is arguably one of the key leaders and most popular choices in the industry and therefore a top-notch pick for anyone looking to store their coins.

    SafePal is the first hardware wallet invested and backed by Binance. This unique piece of a device can be paired together with your mobile phone. It has a functional 1.3? inch high-resolution screen to show every detail of your assets. You can scan your transactions, and manage over 1000+ assets all while keeping your funds secure and offline. This is a perfect crypto management combination for the masses.

    BC Vault is a multi-cryptocurrency hardware wallet designed with true safety in mind. The way BCVault actually works is that it encrypts the private keys on the devices RAM itself, which you can then backup either on paper, SDCard, or send directly on your email. The wallet ships pre-loaded with 1 BTC, and If you manage to break the encryption it’s all yours. And on top of being able to easily manage all your cryptos, the device can also be used as a UF2 authenticator with the usual web services.


    BitBox is an open-source hardware wallet designed to protect your assets with the latest Swiss-made hardware. This wallet supports BTC, LTC, ETH, and ERC-20 tokens, and uses OLED display and invisible touch sensors which makes it convenient and simplistic choice.


    KeepKey is a hardware wallet coming from ShapeShift, their device offers a web-based interface and acts as a multi-wallet for all major cryptocurrencies. This is a great choice because of how well it’s connected to ShapeShift’s and what this combination can offer.


    Bitfi is a new unique crypto hardware wallet. This device is different from all the rest since it doesn’t store your private keys at all. Instead, it lets users create signing requests through the device with a pin code and passphrase, while simultaneously calculating the private key and then destroying it immediately. This is truly a unique perspective since the device acts as a private key generator and not a wallet. This way users can stay safe even if someone manages to access the device by hacking or other malicious activities.

    Keevo is the link between security and convenience. The wallet uses multi-factor, multi-signature two-chip architecture, and with a master key never leaving the device. Keevo has multiple factors for keeping your assets secure, pin code, your fingerprint, and the device itself, all from which you can always recover the wallet seed. On top of this, Keevo is an excellent choice for managing someone’s assets, as it is the first hardware wallet offering a beneficiary solution, meaning someone else can encrypt their private keys on your device.

    CoolWallet is a unique hardware wallet designed with mobility on the mind. This wallet uses a combination of mobile phone and hardware through Bluetooth. It lets you track your expenses, spend and receive cryptocurrencies, and has biometric and physical F2A to ensure your security, all this while also keeping your funds offline. CoolWallet is probably the best choice for someone who is traveling a lot or just happen to be always on the go.


    Ellipal is a completely isolated offline hardware wallet. The wallet is designed in such a way that it won’t connect to any network device or use any wireless or physical connections such as Bluetooth or USB, instead, the air capped device uses verifiable QR codes to verify transactions. This way no information can be stolen from it through the network nor it can be controlled remotely, making it one of the most complete protection wallets against hackers. Ellipal is also dustproof and waterproof and comes with a strong metal casing designed to resist against any physical abuse.

    BitBoxApp is an open-source multi-currency desktop wallet that offers all in one solution to securely manage a variety of cryptocurrency assets with ease.

    TokenPocket is an open-source multi-currency wallet and decentralized exchange with various cryptocurrencies supported. The TokenPocket wallet is the largest multi-wallet based on EOS, ETH, BOS and TRON, blockchains, and it’s available on Desktop, and Mobile.

    Xlite is a multi-asset decentralized digital wallet created by Blocknet. This wallet not only stores various UTXO based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Digibyte, Dogecoin, and more. But it also acts as an easy to use getaway to Block DX decentralized exchange.

    Sugi is a multifunctional hardware wallet card that keeps your keys offline without chunky devices, cables, or complex user experience. Sugi card not only acts as cold storage but it is also a simplified payment card for everyday use.

    BRD is a simple open-source multi-asset wallet for cryptocurrencies. The wallet supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and a large number of ERC-20 tokens. BRD users can also backup their seeds through the usual 12-word paper key.

    Copay is an open-source Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash wallet platform for both desktop and mobile devices. Copay is built by BitPay and is maintained by hundreds of contributors.

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