7 Best Bitcoin Lightweight Wallets in 2020 (Ranked By Readers!)

These are software wallets that get downloaded on your computer, and they do not require you to download the entire blockchain.

Lightweight wallets connect with Bitcoin full nodes, and can therefore act as a very secure way to approach the entire network.

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    Wasabi wallet works like any other normal open-source Bitcoin lightweight wallet, you can send, receive, and store Bitcoins. However, it has a special feature called CoinJoin, which makes it the most anonymous Bitcoin wallet out there.

    Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

    Electrum is fast, safe, and private while maintaining low resource usage. It is considered one of the most secure open-source bitcoin lightweight wallets available today. This is a perfect wallet both for beginners and old school elites, It has a wide variety of features such as being able to act as cold storage, do multisign transactions and it can be integrated with the major hardware wallets, such as Ledger Nano S

    Bither is a simple and secure open-source Bitcoin-focused wallet for mobile & Desktop computers. The Bither wallet comes with two different modes, Cold wallet, and Hot wallet, meaning it’s designed in such a way that users can easily combine the two together. This means you can sign your transactions offline, and operate through a watch-only mode.

    Zap is a simple open-source Bitcoin lightning network focused wallet. The wallet can be installed on a mobile and desktop computer. And it allows you to create new wallets, or to connect to your existing node. Users can easily manage their lightning channels and purchase Bitcoins on lightning.

    Sparrow Bitcoin wallet is a lightweight client focused on providing transparent Bitcoin UTXO management tools. The wallet offers all the key features you would expect from a modern Bitcoin wallet, such as the ability to use air grabbed hardware devices including Cobo vault. Note that the Sparrow is designed for those also running their own full nodes.

    BitBoxApp is an open-source multi-currency desktop wallet that offers all in one solution to securely manage a variety of cryptocurrency assets with ease.

    Lily wallet simplifies the process of multi-signature signing from multiple devices. The wallet is open-source and comes with stateless operations, meaning you won’t have to run a full node to use it.

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