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How to Trade Traditional Markets with Bitcoin in 2022

How to Trade Traditional Markets with Bitcoin

Having access to trading traditional markets like Forex, S&P500, Gold & Silver using Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies can be extremely valuable.

The cryptocurrency markets can be extremely volatile, and while that’s usually true, there can also be times where cryptocurrencies are not having as much movement.

And not only that, trading the global markets with using cryptocurrencies can be extremely beneficial if you value decentralized systems and anonymity.

These are just a few reasons why it’s always important as a trader to have access to a variety of different markets and opportunities, not only can you benefit from the unrestricted access to a wide range of instruments anonymously, you can also benefit from moves on a variety of industries.

Best crypto brokers for traditional markets

Lets now take a closer look at some of our favorite crypto brokers which you can use to trade these traditional instruments, such as S&P 500, DOW, or commodities like Crude Oil, GOLD & Silver all with using Bitcoin and without needing ID verification.

Here are the best crypto brokers that you can use for traditional markets in 2020.

1. SimpleFX

Trade Traditional Markets with SimpleFX

SimpleFX is the most advanced crypto CFD broker offering traditional markets for cryptocurrency trading. The trading platform is an old-school and longstanding that was established in 2014. It offers generous up to 1:500 Leverage, fast deposits, and high non-KYC standard anonymous accounts when sticking to only Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

And not only SimpleFX has everything from traditional forex markets, indices, commodities, precious metals, equities, and cryptocurrencies, everything tradeable with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But with filling the optional KYC documents, users get to access everything from purchasing Bitcoin to bank deposits & withdrawals to trading with traditional fiat currencies.

And on top of all this, SimpleFX has a very well thought out, and designed web interface and mobile application. The SimpleFX web interface doesn’t just offer the perfect environment for trading, but it is also filled with other traders, newsflows, and trading ideas. And of course, if the users so want, they can also connect with third-party software such as Metatrader4.

To get started trading with SimpleFX is obviously very simple, and all that is required is for you to head on to the website and fill in the email address, which you will be sent a confirmation message with the option to set your password. After the password is set, you can log in on your account, and deposit Bitcoin, or few other cryptos such as Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Litecoin, or stable coin like USDT.

Once you’ve deposited some cryptos, the transaction will arrive within your account after just a couple of confirmations. And that’s it after the transaction arrives, you are set with a fully functioning professional trading desk for traditional markets with cryptocurrencies.

Start Trading on SimpleFX

2. PrimeXBT

Trade Traditional Markets with PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT is an advanced Bitcoin focused broker offering immediate access to cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, commodities, and forex all from anonymous non-KYC Bitcoin-based accounts. The PrimeXBT trading platform has industry-leading technology, fast execution speed, and up to 1:100 leverage.

That being said, PrimeXBT is still a fairly new Bitcoin trading platform, however, it has quickly proved itself and has become a holder of high daily volumes compared to many old school exchanges. They offer everything you would expect from any professional trading platform such as the ability to go long & short, 5 order types, instant deposits, secure cold storage wallets, and fair fees on all assets.

PrimeXBT has over 30+ tradeable pairs, the main ones, of course, being Bitcoin, S&P 500, Gold, EURUSD and many others. And all assets are tradeable from beautiful web-based interfaces, that is more customizable then probably anything you’ve come up so far. There is also, of course, a mobile application that is just as intuitive and can be used to enter and manage all trades.

To open an account with PrimeXBT takes no more than 40 seconds, and all you do is head on to the website, click register, and set up your email, and password. You will then confirm the email, and take necessary security practices such as setting up f2a. Once your account is properly secured, you can deposit Bitcoin straight away and get going, your Bitcoins will arrive within a moment, from where you are set up, and ready to trade.

Open Account on PrimeXBT

Other crypto brokers for traditional markets.

Here are some other well-known crypto brokers for trading traditional markets using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of using crypto brokers with Bitcoin

We already mentioned some of the benefits when using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to trade traditional financial markets. However there are many more, and here we’ve listed some of them.

  • Decentralized Valuation – Due to Bitcoin’s decentralized nature, there is no central bank that can randomly change its valuation, Bitcoin is deflationary by nature and so its value most likely will continue to rise.
  • High Leverage – Many of the crypto brokers offer multiple times higher leverage compared to traditional forex brokers. However right to leverage should be earned, and you should know what you doing.
  • Low-Cost Entry – Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have made the initial cost to begin investing extremely low compared to how things used to be just a few years back.
  • Security – With Bitcoin you operate under a pseudonym, meaning in most cases, crypto brokers do not require to reveal sensitive bank information or KYC documents in order to start trading.
  • Borderless – Bitcoin unlike government-backed fiat currencies and brokers is borderless, meaning anyone from anywhere can start using it and start trading the global markets.

However whether it’s crypto or traditional broker, the same risks apply and therefore it is extremely important to at least learn the basics before you start trading.

So if you are new to trading, you’ve gotta read our crypto trading manual, as we’ve put all of our information in this guide.

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